Suspension of Regulations: request to study online

How to request to study online if you are unable to attend campus teaching due to Covid-19. This will require a Suspension of Regulations (SoR).

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For 2020/21 academic year, Goldsmiths will be delivering teaching sessions through a mix of online and in-person activity.

This means you are expected to attend on campus for scheduled teaching sessions as prescribed for their programme of study.

The situation over the coming months is likely to remain fluid and we will adhere our requirements and government guidance. If government guidance changes, this advice could be reversed at short notice.

Summer Term starts on 26 April for most programmes (check variations to see if your programme is different).

Unable to study in person

It is recognised that some students may be unable come to the UK for the Spring Term or unable to study in-person at particular points. We are committed to enabling students to study completely remotely for set periods if they need to due to Covid-19. 

A Suspension of Regulation (SoR) request must be made in this situation to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made to support online learning during this period.

It may not be possible to support requests for wholly online study for particular programmes, for example, programmes that are externally accredited and require in-person activities such as placements or programmes that require access to Goldsmiths facilities.  Where this is the case, the Department will advise you accordingly when a request is made.

Arriving from another country

If you are arriving from another country you will be required to self-isolate on arrival.

If this falls within term time, your department should ensure you are able to study wholly online for the self-isolation period.  An SoR request is not required for this purpose.

Repeat requests for Summer Term 2021

If you had a confirmed SoR in the Autumn/Spring Term and your circumstances have not changed your department will confirm the extended arrangements directly.

There is no need to make an additional request.

Extension requests have already been made however students should contact their Departments if they are unsure of their extension request arrangements.

New requests for Summer Term 2021

If you do not already have a SoR request granted for the Autumn/Spring Term you should contact your home department. They will make a SoR request based on the criteria set out below.

This is an SoR request as the College is suspending the regulation 2.2.1 requiring a student to attend scheduled teaching sessions. 


Online study can only be permitted where:

  • Student has access to the internet and suitable IT equipment
  • The requirements of their programme do not prescribe in-person activity such as placements or access to College facilities

And when confirming that one (or more) of the following apply:

  • Health reasons that prevent in-person contact
  • Shielding* responsibilities that prevent any attendance for on campus activity
  • If the student lives in an area which is subject to a local lockdown and therefore cannot travel to campus
  • Inability to obtain a visa in time to commence or return to study due to reasons beyond their control
  • Inability to travel to the UK because of flight or other in-country travel restrictions

Other reasons for requesting online study will be considered on an individual basis.

Duration of request

Departments will need to ensure that sufficient arrangements are in place to support a student to study wholly online for the duration they are unable to attend in person.

The duration will depend on the reasons relating to each student, however, an SoR request should be used for requests that relate to more than 14 days and up to one full term.

Departments should ensure they remain in contact with students approved to study online and a further request submitted if the student’s circumstances remain unchanged such that a further period of online study is necessary.

Otherwise it is expected that students will be in attendance on campus once the set period has passed.

Fee liability

Students remain liable for the full programme fee whilst they are enrolled at the College and regardless of the format in which they are studying. No fee reduction can be considered or granted as a result of an SoR request for online study.

Approval of an SoR request to study online only relates to suspending the College’s academic regulation that requires students to attend in person for scheduled face to face activities.  Therefore, approval of an SoR will not release students from other contracts they might have entered. 

*The Government defines ‘shielding’ as protecting the extremely clinical vulnerable. Students who live with individuals in that category may therefore not be able to attend campus.