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Help if something has gone wrong, is unexpected or you want to appeal

If you are worried about your assessments visit the Student Centre for help and advice or attend a Wellbeing Drop-in.

Unable to complete an assessment or attend an exam

Special arrangements and adjustments for existing or unexpected conditions

If you have Specific Learning Difficulties (including dyslexia) or long/short term health conditions you can apply for reasonable adjustments.

If an unexpected injury or condition occurs before your assessment you may still be able to take the assessment, but with additional support. Contact the Student Centre to discuss as soon as possible.


An appeal against assessment is a request for a review of an Examination Board’s decision on student progress, assessment or awards.

If you believe that you have valid grounds to appeal, you must complete the appeal form and return it, with any supporting evidence, to the Governance & Legal Services Department within 21 days of the date of your results letter.

The appeal form, together with guidance on the procedure and ground for appeal, are in our Appeals and Complaints pages.

Questions about the appeals procedure should be addressed to:

Invalid attempts, disqualification and cheating

A blank script or other piece of assessed work does not constitute a valid attempt.

It is a matter for the professional judgment of individual Examiners to decide what else constitutes a valid attempt.

Goldsmiths takes cheating very seriously. Please be aware that anyone found with unauthorised material in an exam or during a comfort break will be deemed to have engaged in misconduct.

If you are suspected of cheating, or attempting to cheat, or of assisting other candidates to cheat, this will be reported to the Head of Registry. As a consequence you may be disqualified from the examination and excluded from all future examinations of the College. Any unauthorised notes or materials may be retained by the College at its discretion.

Resubmitting and resitting

Arriving late for exams or not having ID

See the Exams: On the day page.

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