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Details of when the results of assessments will be released

Go to MyGoldsmiths to see the results of your summer 2018 assessments.

Reassessments and resits

If you are required to undertake reassessments or resits this will be detailed on MyGoldsmiths, after your results page.

Late-Summer resits

If required, you must be available to attend resit exams on campus between Monday 13 - Friday 24 August 2018. The timetable will be released in July.

Resubmissions and deferred assessments

If you are undertaking resubmissions or deferred assessments during the summer you should maintain regular contact with your departmental office to confirm all relevant details for your assignment/s.


If you did not do as well as you had hoped in your Summer assessments or need to resit or be re-assessed please do not feel disheartened. 

There are plenty of support and options that will enable you to complete your studies at Goldsmiths. You can speak to the teams below for assistance and guidance during the summer.

Be well

While of course we encourage you to work hard towards any resits and reassessments, or any deferred assessments - the most important thing is to be well and to look after yourself as you study. Your campus and most of its facilities will remain open during the summer, including the library which will be open 24 hours a day.