Wellbeing support at Goldsmiths

Over the past few years, Wellbeing support has grown and developed at Goldsmiths to match both the growth in student numbers and their changing needs.

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This page is about the service we offer. See our main Wellbeing page for support and how to access help.

There has been a significant investment in the Counselling, Wellbeing and Disability teams over the past few years to reflect this. Here are some of the things we do:

Wellbeing support

Students can complete a form to access Wellbeing support, including making an appointment with a Wellbeing Adviser.

The Wellbeing Team work with students to create a wellbeing plan, referring them to other sources of help if necessary.


Ongoing counselling is offered to students following a referral via the Wellbeing team.

In addition to providing ongoing therapeutic services to students, the counselling team also offer a number of psycho-educational workshops for students over the academic year.

2018/19 saw one of our counsellors co-deliver a new successful initiative alongside one of our IAPT Therapists. These ‘Way out of Worry’ groups had a CBT/Mindfulness focus and were attended during the Autumn and Spring terms.

Our CBT Therapist also designed and delivered workshops on exam stress and revision, which were offered at appropriate times in the 2018/19 academic year.


Disability officers are available to meet in person, over the phone and on Skype either by appointment or at the weekly drop-in to work with students around their needs. Diagnostic assessments available as well as help with funding.

2018/19 saw a 21% increase in the number of Reasonable Adjustment Student Agreements completed, compared to the previous year. This was a 51% increase from 2016/17.

Multi-faith and wellbeing space

The Ben Pimlott garden has a specially designed space and a Yurt where students can use to take a break on campus.

  • Our chaplaincy, led by the Anglican co-ordinating chaplain:
  • Offers confidential pastoral care to everyone, regardless of religious belief or tradition;
  • Encourages everyone to find possibilities and space for reflection;
  • Supports the religious societies and other religious groups at Goldsmiths.

The Chaplaincy host events throughout the week open to anyone seeking support or someone to talk to.

Sexual Violence Liaison Officers

Specially trained staff provide specialist support and advice via our Wellbeing and Campus Support teams.

Campus Support Officers

CSOs are available to ensure round-the-clock support for students, providing friendly, out of hours support.

They are here to be a first point of call for absolutely anything, seven days a week: on weekdays CSOs are available from 6pm – 6am, and at the weekends we have 24-hour cover.

IAPT – Improving Access to Psychological Therapies

This is an NHS programme that focuses on treating adults with depression and anxiety.

We have a practitioner on campus every week, and our counselling team can directly refer students rather than them needing to go through their GP. (Available to students with a Lewisham Borough GP.)

Blenheim Substance Misuse Clinic (Part of Humankind)

A clinical team is on campus fortnightly to see students referred by our Counselling and Wellbeing teams.

They offer a range of recovery services designed to meet the unique needs of individuals and their families, friends and communities.

Blenheim is committed to providing free, friendly and non-judgemental advice, support and treatment for people facing drug or alcohol-related issues.

Dedicated GP partnership

We have a contract with Amersham Vale Practice (based next to New Cross train station) to provide ring-fenced appointments for Goldsmiths students. This dedicated GP team provide a joined-up service with the NHS.

Money Matters

Money mentoring was launched during 2018/19 by the Student Advice Team, providing training to Student Ambassadors to help raise awareness of student money skills.

An online financial education system was also launched (Blackbullion) helping students with their money matters. During 2018/19 just under 1,000 students signed up and completed the online modules.

Academic Staff Training

We run regular ‘Supporting Staff to Support Students’ briefings alongside more specialist sessions aimed at Senior/Personal Tutors, Heads of Departments and staff in student-facing roles). Approximately 60 staff typically attend these sessions during the Autumn and spring terms.

In addition a comprehensive ‘Supporting Staff to Support Students’ guide is available to all student-facing staff in academic departments. This is reviewed and updated, where necessary, on a yearly basis.

Mental Health First Aid

2018/19 saw the launch of Goldsmiths’ in-house Mental Health First Aid for staff. There are now 40 trained Mental Health First Aiders across the College, with more training planned for 2019/20.

Student Minds Positive Minds

We fund this student-led programme of facilitated sessions and workshops on campus.


Staff increases since 2015:


1 x Head of Service
1 x Counselling Manager
3 x Counsellors/CBT Therapist
2 x Associate Counsellors
2 x Mental Health Adviser (Counselling and Wellbeing)
1 x Deputy Head of Service (Disability & Wellbeing)
5 x Wellbeing Advisers
5 x Disability Advisers
1 x SpLD Assessor
2 x Support Coordinators
6 x Campus Support (Out of Hours provision)
Total: 29


Disability - 1 x manager, 4 x advisers, 2 x co-ordinators
Wellbeing – 1 x manager, 5 x advisers
Counselling – 1 x senior counsellor, 3 x counsellors, 2 x associate counsellor, 1 x CBT therapist, 1 x mental health advisor
Campus Support Officers/Out of Hours Provision - 5 x CSOs
Total - 26


Disability - 1 x manager, 4 x advisers, 1 x co-ordinator
Wellbeing – 1 x manager, 5 x advisers
Counselling – 1 x senior counsellor, 4 x counsellors, 2 x associate counsellor
Campus Support Officers/Out of Hours Provision - 5 x CSOs
Total - 24


Disability – 1 x manager, 2 x advisers, 1 x co-ordinator
Wellbeing – 1 x manager, 4 x advisers
Counselling – 4 x counsellors, 3 x associate counsellor
Campus Support Officers/Out of Hours Provision - 5 x CSOs
Total - 22


Disability – 1 x manager, 2 x advisers, 1 x AT Adviser, 1 x co-ordinator
Wellbeing – 1 x manager, 3 x advisers
Counselling – 4 x counsellors, 1 x associate Counsellor
Total - 14

Student use


Sep 2018 – Aug 2019: 2,207
Sep 2017 – Aug 2018: Approx 2,007
Sep 2016 – Aug 2017: Approx 2,150
Sep 2015 – Aug 2016: Approx 1,700


Sep 2018 – Aug 1209: 555
Sep 2017 – Aug 2018: 594
Sep 2016 – Aug 2017: 591
Sep 2015 – Aug 2016: 542

(Page last updated September 2020)