Study Abroad – how to choose your modules


From Anthropology to Theatre Studies, we offer a massive range of subjects. Here you'll find advice on how to select the modules for the time you are at Goldsmiths.

Take a look at the subjects and modules on offer to Study Abroad students.

You choose modules – from one or more departments – that run during the terms you are at Goldsmiths and add up to the correct number of credits for your period of study; please see the table below. Goldsmiths' academic year works on a three-term system – Autumn, Spring and Summer. (See term dates)

Please note: you cannot choose to study modules for the Summer Term only.

You are expected to undertake a full module load for your period of study. You must choose modules that add up to the following number of credits:

  • Autumn Term or Spring Term only: 16 credits
  • Autumn and Spring Terms: 32 credits
  • Spring and Summer terms: 20 credits
  • Full academic year: 36 credits
Autumn Term  16 credits            
Spring Term          16 credits      
Autumn/Spring  32 credits      
Spring/Summer          20 credits
Full Year  36 credits

You will need to check with your home university the modules you may be required to take to obtain credit, and provide suitable alternatives to your first choices. It is not always possible to offer you your first choice of module because of limits on numbers or timetabling. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to make changes on arrival.

Your performance is examined or assessed on each module, and a grade is awarded under the British grading system. Your transcript also records Goldsmiths' advice as to the number of credits you have taken, but the interpretation of these credits is a matter for your home university or college. There are set requirements for each module that you will be expected to meet. No classes can be taken by audit.

Module levels

Our undergraduate modules are available at three levels:

Level Description
Year 1 a module for which you do not need any previous experience
Year 2 assumes that you have had some experience in this area or have already followed a similar academic module
Year 3 assumes a specialist knowledge of the practical data or a willingness to engage in responsible individual study under tutorial guidance

If you do not meet the English Language Requirements, you can join us and study on our Year Zero modules, which include teaching to help you improve your English, or you can choose a Full Year abroad plus English for non-native speakers.   

For nearly all of the modules available to Study Abroad students you will be taught and integrated alongside full degree students, although a small number are taught to Study Abroad students only (these are indicated in the online descriptions). 

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