Online and Blended Learning


In the last few years, new online technologies have revolutionised distance learning and enabled far richer, more interactive pedagogies. Goldsmiths aims to be at the forefront of technological innovation in distance learning and to bring a distinctively Goldsmiths pedagogy to distance learning.

Part of our centre's mission is to expand the provision of distance and online learning from Goldsmiths. Distance learning is a way of enabling students to benefit from a Goldsmiths education even if they are unable to physically come to campus whether that is because they are not in the UK or because they have family, work or financial constraints. Distance learning is therefore an important part of Goldsmiths' mission to be a global university and also a part of our mission to bring university education to those for whom it would not traditionally have been available.
Goldsmiths has a long history of distance learning as a partner of the University of London International Academy, running programmes in English and Computing. We have also run short online courses know as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). We created one of the first batches of MOOCs developed in England, via the Coursera platform (which had over 100 000 enrolments) and we have a partnership with the UK based platform FutureLearn, for whom we are currently running 3 courses and are developing more.
If you are staff at Goldsmiths and interested in developing a distance or online course, whether a MOOC or a larger programme, please contact Marco Gillies: m.gillies (