Sameer Naeem

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Position E- Learning Support Assistant
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Sameer Naeem

Sameer works as an E-Learning Support Assistant in the Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre. He has previously studied a BA in Media and English at Goldsmiths, and is currently studying an MA in Race, Media and Social Justice. Previously, Sameer has worked in the Goldsmiths’ Admissions Office, the Events team, and has run the Goldsmiths Peer Assisted Learning programme. Additionally, he has run workshops with young people on behalf of Schools4Change, such as for UK Parliament Week in Clapham to encourage youth participation and engagement in local and national politics. He also has extensive experience in working with creative applications, such as Adobe Creative Suite.

Currently, as an E-Learning Support Assistant, Sameer is working on the Learn.Gold development project, which is a project designed to upgrade Moodle pages to improve the design and overall user experience for students using the Virtual Learning Environment