Jessica Ussher

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Jessica Ussher

Academic Journey

Before joining TaLIC in January 2018, Jessica worked with the Centre of intelligent Data Analytics at Goldsmiths College after completing her first degree in Philosophy and second Degree in International Relations.

Currently, Jessica’s PhD research at Warwick University’s Centre of Interdisciplinary Methodologies focuses on the role of the media in youth extremism. Her work uses an interdisciplinary approach as she combines technology and Sociology in order to further understand the media's role in the extremist space. 


Politics Department - Associate Lecturer, Rough Politics

Research Interests


Extremism, Radicalisation, Digital Sociology, Discourse Analysis, Transnational Media Analysis, Computational Networks, Issue Mapping

Other Interests

Charity Work ( Jessica’s favourite charity is the National Deaf Children Society) Films, Operas and Ballets, Blogging and Eating ( all kinds of food!)