Telephone Campaign 2018


Students are helping to raise essential funds for the University as part of this year’s Giving to Goldsmiths campaign.

What is it like to be a student caller as part of the Giving to Goldsmiths Telephone Campaign? Student callers give an insight:

Inside the telephone campaign

How does the Telephone Campaign work?

The telephone campaign is a unique chance for alumni to speak to current students to find out more about the University today, and our future plans. It is also a rare opportunity for students to find out more about your chosen career path and it provides them with valuable work experience in an ever more competitive job market for young graduates.

If we plan on getting in touch by telephone, you will receive an email or letter prior to one of our students calling you. If you would rather not receive a call, you can let us know, although even if you are not planning to make a gift, our students would still enjoy speaking to you and finding out what you have been doing since Goldsmiths.

When is it?

The 2018 Goldsmiths Telephone Campaign will take place on campus for three weeks, from 25 February until 18 March, raising essential funds for Goldsmiths.

A team of current students will be calling between 6–9pm during the weekday evenings, from 11am–5pm on Saturdays and from 2–8pm on Sundays.

You might hear from

Gian Barros Lima
Camilla Beone
Angelika-May Blamires
Liz Calvi
Oli Chequers
Alicia Coupland
Jane Denyer
Carol English
Megan Evans
Chloe Francois
Amelia Gentile
Ellie Girotto
Sophie Hassel-Richardson
Tyreis Holder
Joanna Holmgren
Dayna Jeynes
William Kettle
Phoenix Martins
Antonia Maurer
Niko Mavrakis
Farida Momtaz
Nia Muhammad
Munesu Mukombe
Lea Nasrallah
Malak Obaidi
Sara Parvaresh
Lucia Pizzola
Josh Sheldon
Ayman Sinada
Lydia Spry
Tomas Stinton
Marihah Uddin
Roseline Vincent
Anna Walters
Anna Williams
Megan Williams

If you are able, please take part

The support of our alumni and friends ensures access to education for the brightest and best students regardless of their backgrounds.

If you receive a call this year, please consider how a small donation from everyone can mean a real difference for the lives of Goldsmiths students.

Alternatively, you can take part in Giving to Goldsmiths by making a gift online.

Questions? If you have any questions about this campaign, please contact Sarah Enderby, Regular Giving Coordinator, by email alumni ( or phone +44 (0)20 7896 2620.

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