Student Projects Fund


Theatre and Performance, Goldsmiths University of London 

The Department of Theatre and Performance Student Project Fund is designed to support our undergraduate and postgraduate students’ independent creative initiatives particularly those which take place outside the department, for example at festivals and external venues.  The awards assist any student, or group of students, in a theatre or performance-related project.  Students in the past have used the fund to help them take work out into professional and community contexts and to showcasing opportunities.

The department views extra-curricular work as a key learning opportunity for our student community.  In addition to enabling students to experiment, innovate and develop their own artistic practice in wider contexts, these awards also facilitate significant personal and professional development and supports significant connections with, and entry into, the theatre and cultural industries in the UK and abroad.  We have a rich history of exciting and innovate student projects that have been awarded by the scheme.

Awards are made in the region of £50.00 - £500.00. 

Please note: the fund is not for personal financial support for students.

The Three Awards

There are three awards made annually at different points in the year: 

Autumn Gold

This award is for projects that will be held in the Department of Theatre and Performance / College and take place in the Autumn Term.

Deadline: Friday 26th October 2018

All applications are emailed to Jacqueline Ahwieh.

Spring Sites and Encounters 

This award is designed for projects that will be held offsite, for example site-specific shows, or work that will take place in different venues or community settings with different audiences and/or participants.

Deadline: Friday 25th January 2019

All applications are emailed to Jacqueline Ahwieh.

Summer Festivals and Forays

This award supports projects that might be taken to festivals, public events or other venues.  Modest rehearsal support can be made available during the summer term and summer break to facilitate this work.  It is particularly suitable for BA students who wish to take their Theatre Making 2 productions to festivals or for Theatre Making 3 or MA Performance Making students who want to take their final shows into the professional realm after the completion of their courses.

Deadline: Friday 3rd May 2019

All applications are emailed to Jacqueline Ahwieh

Assessment criteria 

All projects will be assessed on:

  • Artistic quality, in particular its innovation and originality
  • How it hopes to engage with an audience / spectators / participants
  • How you will realise your aims and manage the project
  • The budget for your project
  • The number of Goldsmiths students that will be involved in the project

Making an application

If you wish to apply you will need to:

  1. Read the application criteria and guidelines. Download: Student Project Fund Guidelines (PDF)
  2. Carefully write your application and be sure that you have provided a full budget. Download: Student Project Fund Application Form (PDF). You can ask for some support and guidance on this process from Dr Cass Fleming at c.fleming (
  3. Submit your application form including full budget to Jacqueline Ahwieh by the set deadline at j.ahwieh (


The panel for the Student Project Fund is made up of five members of T&P staff and is Chaired by Dr Cass Fleming who coordinates the Fund.   The department contacts students to inform them of the panel decision 2-3 weeks after the deadline.

Successful applications

All successful companies are required to acknowledge the funding they have received from the Department of Theatre and Performance Project Fund, Goldsmiths University of London and include the Goldsmiths logo on all publicity and promotional materials.  We also ask all companies/students who receive funding to provide the department with 3-8 photographs at the end of the project along with a citation of how the award helped their project for use in our archive of extra-curricular work and on our web pages.  We would also like to receive any copies of press reviews or evaluations you receive on your work.  These photographs and reviews should be sent to Dr Cass Fleming at c.fleming (

Funding from Goldsmiths Student Union

Students are also strongly advised to consult the Goldsmiths Student Union to investigate the possibilities of joint funding.

Submission dates for applications

Friday 26th October 2018

Friday 25th January 2019

Friday 3rd May 2019