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Position Associate Lecturer
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Dr Vanio Papadelli

Vanio is a movement and theatre artist. Her practice draws elements from yoga, somatic movement, Laban/Bartenieff, Contact Improvisation as well as Eastern European Laboratory theatre and dance-theatre. After training as an actor and a dancer, Vanio performed with and researched into the work of the award-winning company Song of the Goat Theatre (Poland) as part of her PhD and has attended several intensive theatre and dance workshops (Farm in the Cave, Studio Matejka, Meg Stuart, Nancy Stark Smith, Charlie Morrissey, Kirstie Simson, Simonetta Alessandri).
As a performer, she has worked with an eclectic mix of artists (Tania Batzoglou, Androniki Marathaki, Angela Woodhouse, aswespeakproject, Alex Crowe, Nesreen Nabil Hussein, Anna Furse). Vanio has produced solo and duet work that engages with issues of vulnerability, memory and candidness in human relationships by fusing physicality, video projections and poetic texts (Greece, UK, Italy, Poland, Germany, Egypt and Lebanon).

Academic qualifications

  • 200hours Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga on the Lane) 2019
  • Practice-Based PhD /Goldsmiths, supervised by Professor Anna Furse (Funded by State Scholarship Foundation of Greece IKY and A.G. Leventis Foundation) 2013
  • Diploma in Dance / Birkbeck University 2008
  • MA Performance Making (Distinction) / Goldsmiths, University of London (Funded by IKY) 2007
  • Diploma in Acting / Drama School of the Odeion Athinon / Athens, Greece 2004
  • BA in Theatre Studies (First) / National and Kapodistrian University of Athens 2003

Teaching and Supervision

Research interests

Vanio is an Associate Lecturer at Goldsmiths and has taught in the BA (HONS) Drama and Theatre Arts since 2009. She has been a regular lecturer in the module Body Space Spectator (2009-2015) and the module Processes of Performance: The Ensemble (2016-2020) as well as Processes of Performance: Space (2021).
Vanio is deeply interested in enabling the performer to tap into their expressive and creative potential by cultivating somatic awareness of their moving body to then access more heightened levels of expression. By understanding unnecessary habits and unlocking fundamental connections in the body, the performer feels more empowered, grounded and generous in their work with others. Through experiential anatomy, physical contact, acrobatic partnering, rhythm and impulse-based work, Vanio offers a practice that cultivates breath-infused receptiveness, playful risk-taking and continuous tuning with the self, the partner, and the environment.
She creates exercises, scores and improvisational tasks that combine movement with sound and text enabling students to experiment with their physicality within a playful and inclusive environment while also offering opportunities for reflection, contextualisation of practice and integration. As a teacher, she aims to enable students to cherish the richness of their expressive palette with confidence, pleasure and ease – accessing highly dynamic through to intimate and contemplative states driven by emotion and affect or anatomical curiosity. Welcoming the narrative and abstract without rigid distinctions between the two; and also allowing the pedestrian to coexist with the ‘extra-daily’.
Vanio also teaches as a freelancer within artistic and community settings and has recently facilitated workshops for GRAEAE (Ensemble project for young D/deaf and Disabled artists) and intergenerational groups of women with Rakhee Jasani (Poplar Union, Culture Seeds Mayor of London).

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Professional projects

Facilitated workshops / residencies

2020 - 2021: Write Moves, online intergenerational course for women combining movement, yoga and writing co-facilitated with Rakhee Jasani (Poplar Union, funded by Culture Seeds, Mayor of London)
2015 ECITE (European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchange), Co-organiser (PAF, France)
2015: The Mythopoetic Body, physical theatre and movement workshop co-facilitated with Tania Batzoglou (Eilissos Theatre, Athens)
2014: Moving~Objects, movement performance workshop co-facilitated with Alex Crowe (London Buddhist Arts Centre, London)
2013: Moving into Attunement, workshop as part of CON/Verge residency on group collaboration and artistic practice – (Ponderosa, Germany)
2013: Tuning into Impulses, workshop & performance residency (Zoukak Theatre, Festival Sidewalks, residency sponsored by the British Council, Beirut, Lebanon)
2011: Tuning into Impulses, workshop & residency (Present Body, Athens, Greece)

Performances (selection)

2013-20: CANDID life-long performance by Vanio Papadelli & Tania Batzoglou LONDON: GREENHOUSE CAFE / TWOFOLD platform, BIRKBECK University / ImpFest / THE LION AND THE UNICORN THEATRE (GOlive-GOlab platform) / ANTIPA Gallery / ATHENS: EILISSOS (concept, performer)

2016-17: CLOSE DISTANCE by Angela Woodhouse, Nic Sandiland and Caroline Broadhead / WOLLATON HALL, Nottingham (dancer)

2014-15: MY CITY MY REVOLUTION by Nesreen Nabil Hussein / RICH MIX, SHOREDITCH TOWN HALL – THE DITCH – London (performer)

2014: CLINAMEN residency co-organised with Christina Klisiouni / Tripspace London, Present body Athens (performer/co-organiser)

2010: THE CRUCIBLE by Song of the Goat, Role: Mary Warren, Chorus / TEATR STUDIO - Warsaw / Teatr PIESN KOZLA – Wroclaw (performer)

2009-14: THE AIR CHANGES THE COLOUR OF THINGS HERE… solo / LOST Theatre, HACKNEY EMPIRE, SHUNT Vaults, GO-LIVE – London / ZOUKAK Theatre, Sidewalks – BEIRUT, Lebanon (performer, maker).

Conferences and talks

Papadelli, Vanio. 2021. 'Sensing and making sense of touch within movement pedagogies for the theatre and performance'. (Paper presentation)
In: online conference ‘The Makings of the Actor: the Actor-Dancer’, 8-10 January 2021.

Papadelli, Vanio. 2021. 'Ripples, cliffs, spheres and strings: Applications of Laban’s effort phrasing'. (Paper presentation)..
In: online conference ‘Rhythm in Acting and Performance International Conference’ 26-28 March 2021.

Grants and awards

One term-attendance in the Theatre Studies Department (Paris 8 - Vincennes-Saint Denis) and the Department of History of Art (Universidad de Salamanca)

2007: Full scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation of Greece IKY (IKY)
Tuition and living expenses for postgraduate studies MA Performance Making (2007-2008)

2009: Full scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation of Greece IKY (IKY)
Tuition and living expenses for PhD studies (2009-2012)

2010: Grant from A.G. Leventis Foundation (2010-2012) for doctoral research