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Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

Marie-Gabrielle Rotie is a choreographer/director/performer/artist and an internationally recognized Butoh Master, performing and teaching nationally and internationally, regularly funded by Arts Council of England and British Council. She has choreographed for high profile theatre directors such as Sir Peter Hall and trained the acclaimed classical actor Greg Hicks in Butoh. She has been an associate lecturer at Goldsmiths since 2001 teaching BA1 Drama and MA Performance Making. She is currently touring her solo Mythic.  Marie-Gabrielle’s work features in an entire chapter of Fraleigh, Sondra. Butoh: Metamorphic Dance and Global Alchemy. University of Illinois 2010.


Marie-Gabrielle studied painting and drawing in Wimbledon School of Art and graduated with a Fine Art BA Hons (First class) with time-based installation and live performance. From 1989 to 1992 she created numerous sculpture-based site-specific installations and performances for galleries. Her current visual work with its central concern of the Body, embraces film, photography, sculpture, painting and drawing.

From 1992 she concentrated on live performance, training extensively in contemporary dance techniques including Martha Graham, Release, Roy Hart Voice Work and Martial Arts. She then trained with the worlds leading Butoh teachers in Japan and Europe including the late Kazuo Ohno and with the lineage of Tatsumi Hijikata through his widow Akiko Motofuji. Her main collaboration has been with the legendary Ko Murobushi and she has also collaborated extensively with Atsushi Takenouchi, Tetsuro Fukuhara and received influential training with Kim Itoh, Eiko and Koma, and Carlotta Ikeda.


Since 1994 she has created over 30 productions for her company Marie-Gabrielle Rotie Productions, touring nationally and internationally, many funded and supported through Arts Council of England and British Council, Laban and The Place Theatre.

UK touring venues include Laban who have commissioned five productions since 2006 (Dance of Darkness, Cleaver, Black Mirror, Mythic, Incarnate) The Place Theatre for which she has staged eight productions   (Human Zoo, Flying Chair for Da Vinci, Mutations, Refract, Mutability, Brutality of Fact, Darkness Cycle and The Collector) and Royal Opera House (Brutality of Fact at The Linbury and Mutability at The Clore).

Since 2006 has worked as costume design and choreography consultant for the MA and BA costume design courses at the London College of Fashion and has staged five major shows in venues such as the Raphael Room at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Burlington House at the Royal Academy and Lillian Bayliss at Sadler's Wells. In 2010, for the BA in Costume Design she staged The HUMAN ZOO a huge spectacle at the Cochrane Theatre, involving 26 professional performers and over 100 designers.

She was a semi-finalist for the inaugural Place Prize 2003, choreographer in residence in Romania 2001, and has been artist in residence in Portland Quarry Sculpture Trust 2000, Ex-it Schloss Brollin 1999, Almada Dance Festival Portugal 2005 and has received residency awards from Choreodrome, Jerwood Space and Dance Base in Edinburgh.

Her key touring productions include –

2009 Mythic solo commissioned by Laban

2006 Black Mirror solo commissioned by Laban, British Council Portugal and International Almada dance festival.

2003 Mutability solo commissioned by Welsh Independent Dance.

2005 Incarnate (duet) with Katsura Kan (Japan) Funded by ACE, Nuffield Theatre in Lancaster and Laban

2004 Brutality of Fact, a trio commissioned by the Place Prize.  

2003 Beyond Borders duet collaboration with Butoh master Ko Murobushi funded by ACE/London.

2003 The Collector (trio) Funded by ACE, Jerwood Space, DanceBase in Edinburgh, Jackson’s Lane.

2002 Refract - duet in collaboration with Elizabeth Lea Funded by: London Arts, Jackson’s Lane Zone 3,

Cheshire Dance Agency and North West Arts Board for the Commonwealth Games and Jerwood Space.

2002 Feral commissioned by HOME Gallery, Camberwell .

2002 Mutations (5 women) Funded by London Arts, Choreodrome, Jerwood Space, Diva Pictures, Dance-ez

2000 Human Zoo in collaboration with Cosmin Manolescu (Ro)

Funded by British Council in Romania, London Arts Board, Project DCM, ARcub Theatre, Sindan Cultural Foundation,

Soros Foundation, Jackson Lane, Moving East Studios and Chisenhale Dance Space

2000 Flying Chair for Da Vinci Funded by Japan 2001, Chisenhale Dance Space, Diva Pictures.

1999 Scapula supported by Chisenhale Dance Space and Jackson’s Lane Theatre.

1995 Fluid Edges 1995 Commissioned by Riverside Studios 1995 and performed in St Paul’s Church Hammersmith


Movement Direction

Marie-Gabrielle has worked as a Movement Director for opera and theatre

Including Sir Peter Hall's production of Bacchae at Olivier Stage, Royal National Theatre 2002 and toured to

Theatre Royal, Newcastle and Epidavros in Greece. She is currently choregrapher for LULU directed by

Elina Manni with text with Deborah Levy, supported by LIFT festival 2011/12



Marie-Gabrielle has worked as a performer/collaborator on several films with independent film director Ian Pons Jewell,

Including, Dreamt in Flesh and Quarter Inch and Crystal Fighters MTV pop promo video Follow.

A recent film Evolution created in collaboration with fashion photographer John Hicks, and shot in Lanzarote has garnered

critical praise in the media industry,

Marie-Gabrielle has worked as a performer for other companies including for Darren Johnston/Array - international touring of Outre in UK and Italy.( 2008),  Athletes of the Heart/Director Anna Furse Don Juan Who? (2008) and Glass Body (2007) For Athina Vahla she has performed 4 collaborative roles between 2003 and 2007 in venues including Science Museum, Battersea Arts Centre and Royal Festival Hall.




Marie-Gabrielle teaches regularly for Central School of Speech and Drama, Laban, University of Falmouth, and East 15 acting school, Independent Dance, Chisenhale Dance Space and numerous other UK universities. She has taught for Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal National Theatre, Royal Opera House Education, Centre for Performance Research, The Actors Centre and regional dance agencies including Swindon Dance, Cheshire Dance, Dancebase in Edinburgh, Ludus Dance, Dance City in Newcastle, Merseyside Dance Initiatives. 

Marie-Gabrielle Rotie’s teaching methods feature on two educational DVD’s, produced by Pumpkin TV.‘Creating Physical Theatre’ (featuring Rotie plus Goat Island and Forced Entertainment) and ‘Artaud.’ The DVDs are sold as educational resources for primary and secondary education teachers in schools.




Marie-Gabrielle is director and producer of Butoh UK and has organised over 50 Butoh workshops inviting

International teachers and produced four major Butoh festivals. She is the Uk manager for Ko Murobushi including his

performance at Dance Umbrella.

Out of Bounds Festival of New Butoh 2000

Funded by London Arts, Arts Council of Switzerland, South Bank Centre, Chisenhale.

Invited international performers from Copenhagen, Australia, France, Switzerland and UK.

Japan 2001 workshops and performances

London and Scotland with Tetsuro Fukuhara, Ko Murobushi, Yumiko Yoshioka.

Funded by Japan 2001 and Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.


Evolving Butoh –1999

funded by Chisenhale Dance Space - workshops and performances by Sayoko Onishi and Tadashi Endo

Space -Dance Company  1998 – 2003  directed by Tetsuro Fukuhara –

performances and workshops in London, Scotland and Nottingham and Dartington. Funding from Daiwo- Anglo and

Chisenhale Dance Space.

Butoh: Dancing on the Borderline 2003 – comprising performances, workshops, conference and UK Platform.

Invited performers - Ko Murobushi (produced his sell-out performance at The Place)

Minako Seki, Sayoko Onishi, Tadashi Endo, Masaki Iwana. 




Article – Obituary on Kazuo Ohno for 2010

Article – Blue Pages Volume 2 2009 (Society of British Theatre Designers)

 – Between Fabric and Flesh (on costume and performance) 

Lecture – Dance City in Newcastle – on contemporary approaches to Butoh for ReOrient 2008.

Lecture – Butoh and the poetics of transformation for AHRB centre for cross-cultural studies at SOAS January 2005 

Lecture – Goldsmiths University ‘Strategies of Transformation in Butoh,’ Jan 2004. Performance Research Forum.

Article - The Reorientation of Butoh Dance Theatre Journal volume 13 no1 summer 1996 

Lecture - European Development of Butoh and Body Weather Place Theatre/ ReOrient 1998  

Lecture - Dance and Gravity as part of events surrounding the Sankai Juku Performances, Sadler’s Wells 1999

Lecture/conference:  Butoh and Beyond: at Voice Box RFH April 00 for Out of Bounds, Festival of New Butoh.

Article - Ankoku Butoh: Dance of Darkness booklet for Sankai Juku at Sadler’s Wells March 2001

Lecture - Chisenhale Dance Space as part of Butoh: Dancing on the Borderline April 2000.

Last Words Radio 3 – on death of Kazuo Ohno 2010

Nightwaves – live interview about Butoh 2003

Resonance FM – interviews in 2002 and 2003

BBC World Radio – interview 2004

Research Specialism and Interests

are informed by her prior  training in Fine Art and her work lecturing in adult education from 1996- 1999

at Kensington and Chelsea, City-Lit and Mary Ward where she co-taught Courses on

Mythology, Folklore and Witchcraft, Earth Mysteries and short courses on

The Fairy Faith, Descent to the Underworld: Myths of Inanna and Persephone and The Hero’s Journey.

Research interests include -

Japanese Theatre Art and Aesthetics,

Butoh /Post Butoh/New Butoh, Shamanism,

Performer training, dance theatre,

Antonin Artaud, Tadeuz Kantor, German Expressionism (Mary Wigman, Pina Bausch)

Performance art, issues of the body, Feminist philosophical theory, experimental film,

Fairytales and their interpretations (Jungian approaches), dreams and the unconscious/archetype (James Hillman)

the abject and the grotesque, the uncanny, 20th Century feminist art, site-specific and environmental theatre.

The Performance of Costume and Fashion



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Conference or Workshop Item

Rotie, Marie-Gabrielle and Parkin, Nick Parkin. 2017. 'Encounters Series'. In: Encounters Series. Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom 2015 to 2018.


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