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Application tips

Here are our top tips for a successful scholarship application:

  • Make sure you're eligible
    If you've received an offer to study at Goldsmiths and meet the eligibility criteria we'd love to hear from you!
  • Check the deadline
    Plan your time so you don’t end up finishing the application at the last minute – if you're rushing, you're more likely to make simple mistakes.
  • Get feedback
    Ask someone you trust to read your supporting statement/questions and answers and give their you honest advice and feedback.
  • Check what you need to include
    Make sure you include the information we've asked you to provide, otherwise your hard work will be wasted. If you do not provide the required documents your application will be incomplete and will not be considered.
  • Keep to the word limit
    If the application form question or supporting statement limits you to 250 words, then stick to it.
  • Tailor each application
    If you're applying for more than one award, treat each of them as individual applications. Be aware that you'll be asked to answer different questions for each award application. If you're successful for more than one award, you'll be given the award that is worth the most.
  • References
    Your admissions application reference will form part of your award application. If you didn't submit a reference with your admissions application you can upload and attach a reference to your award application. Find out more about guidance for references.
  • Confirmation
    We'll contact you about your application via the email address you provide – so double check it to make sure it's right. You'll receive a confirmation email from us once you have submitted your application electronically, but after that you may not hear from us until August when all the applications are in and the final decisions are made. So please be patient, we'll be in touch!
  • Be prepared
    Decisions are likely to be made around August, a few weeks before the first term starts, and some funding may not be awarded until later in the academic year. It's therefore important that you don't rely solely on your application for financial support – make sure you have organised funding through the Student Loans Company or arranged alternative assistance.
  • Complete your means-tested financial assessment with the Student Loans Company
    To meet the eligibilty of some of our awards you must complete a means-tested assessment with the Student Loans Company; without this information we may not be able to consider you for the award.
  • If you're successful...
    If your application is successful, we'll send you an award offer letter that will let you know when and how payment will be made. Payments may be made via the Student Loans Company payment system, so if you are eligible for our awards then it's crucial that you get your application in to the Student Loans Company, as well as your scholarship application to Goldsmiths.

If you have questions about the application process, please ask us. We want everyone to feel confident about their applications.

You can get in touch by emailing or calling 020 7717 2506. You can also reach us via Twitter @myGoldsmiths or at