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"Goldsmiths cares and believes in their students, the community is fantastic."

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I believe young people can do great things because for me, failure is not an option. My main aim is to encourage young people, to take up leadership roles, and not get dragged in to the stereotypical view, by doing something constructive that will allow a bright future, with nothing but success.

Before coming to Goldsmiths, I have been peer youth leader for Ubuntu Social Living Networks, which encourages positive thinking in young people. The project is inspired by the challenges facing young people of African/African-Caribbean heritage. I want to see the youth in my community doing well in all aspects of their day to day lives, whether it be at school, at home, or in their social lives.

Lewisham Borough, my hometown.. What can I say? Having grown up around Grime Music & Lewisham Peoples Day, my passion for the community has grown ever since. Being accepted at Goldsmiths and blessed to have received a Lewisham Fee Waiver will enable me to build on the skills I've gained through the projects I have been part of, to gain a better knowledge of my chosen study. Goldsmiths cares and believes in their students, the community is fantastic. Anybody looking to study here, don't think twice, this is the right place for you. Believe in your SELF and put your thoughts into action.

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"I am taught by experts in their fields and study alongside inspiring undergraduate musicians."

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Since the age of 15 I have been a self taught singer-songwriter, playing regular gigs and recording my compositions in bedroom-'studio'. I left school with no A-levels, worked in an office for 14 years, then left my job to travel for a year while playing solo gigs for work; on my return I decided I wanted to study music. Age 32 I enrolled on an Access to Higher Education in Music diploma course and with no formal training in music and a long break in academic study, I found I was achieving good grades. After being accepted by all of my university choices, I chose Goldsmiths as my firm choice and applied for several bursaries that it offered; I was awarded a bursary for showing academic potential. Being granted this bursary has made studying as a mature student considerably easier and I strongly recommend prospective students to apply for any and all of the ones applicable to them.

What drew me to Goldsmiths was its great location and creative vibe. After receiving offers from all of my university choices, I am glad that I chose to study here. I feel privileged to be studying on the classical music degree at Goldsmiths where I am taught by experts in their fields and study alongside inspiring undergraduate musicians. There are many opportunities to join choirs, ensembles and orchestras plus great facilities including 24 hour library resources. When I graduate, I hope to become a music therapist, involving two years of further study.  

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Congratulations on winning the Rob Stringer Scholarship. What does this level of financial support mean to you?
It means that I can pay my rent without having to go out to work - if I had to work I wouldn’t be able to spend as much time on my studies, so it’s great because it means I can focus on my studies, and I don’t have to worry about how my rent’s going to be paid.

Rob Stringer is a Goldsmiths graduate himself who has made a big name for himself in the music industry. As a musician yourself, what does it mean for him to have seen some promise in you?
To have a CEO of Sony Music Group recognise me in this way definitely means a lot. It’s good in terms of where my music’s going because it’s a good opportunity for the future – it means he’s seen my face!

How did you find the process for applying for the scholarship?
It was very straightforward - I had to explain how it would benefit me financially, and of course there were a lot of other people that applied, which meant that I had to explain how it would benefit me more than them. It worked out well for me!

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"It's going to make a massive difference to me."

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I found out about the scholarship during our induction when I first started the course, and found out that I was eligible because I was from London. The application involved filling out a form, writing a personal statement and then getting a reference – I’d been at music college before coming here so I asked one of my tutors from there. It was quite straightforward and definitely worth doing! When I found out I'd got the scholarship I was so happy, it made my day! It means that I can now go and have music lessons outside of uni – I'm doing a vocal specialism, but I also play a bit of piano, and some evening classes will really help me improve. So the scholarship will really benefit my studies and will help me be the best I can be.

If you're thinking of applying for the scholarship this year, start thinking about references in advance so that you're well prepared. Maybe also discuss with your parents things like your household income too, as that’s something else that was needed for the application form. 

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"I wouldn't have been able to finish my studies without this award. I have a two year old son so it really helps with childcare expenses."

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"Since winning the award I have gained confidence in knowing that Goldsmiths are investing in me because they believe in me and what I strive to be."

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I’m currently studying my first year at Goldsmiths on the BA Design course, it has really excelled my expectations, learning and progression towards the future world of design that I aim to be in.  

I won the Local Student Partial Fee Waiver after noticing the bursaries and scholarships link on the website. I hadn’t expected to win financial help with my course over the three years. For me, the cost of going to a University was a huge negative, a struggle, it made me question if University was really for me. 

Since winning the award I have gained confidence in knowing that Goldsmiths are investing in me because they believe in me and what I strive to be. It has made a huge difference and has really helped with my studies; I feel I owe it to Goldsmiths as well as myself to achieve the best that I possibly can. It’s taken a massive weight off my shoulders and the financial worry I had and made it easier, now I can relax and enjoy my time here. I would advise everyone who can, to take the time to apply to all that are applicable to you, because any award will truly make a massive difference during your time studying at Goldsmiths.

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"I'd recommend the degree to anyone with an interest in education and who thinks that the present system of education in the UK isn't quite as it should be."

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Although my choice of degree was quite a practical, career-focussed one, Goldsmiths has also encouraged me to engage with my more creative side – research and essays are necessary and also enjoyable in their own way, but to have a studio space available to me has been invaluable to my enjoyment of the course.

The degree is exhilarating and subversive, and I'd recommend it to anyone with an interest in education and who thinks that the present system of education in the UK isn't quite as it should be. The modules are carefully linked together, allowing for the subject matter to become wonderfully textured and stimulating, and I know that all the other students would agree with me.

Being a first year I'm keeping my options open, but my aim is to work in education policy – saying that though, there's also a chance I might end up becoming an artist. Either way, I'll probably spend the second and third year bugging the careers service about it.  

I found out about the Access Scholarship by scouring the Goldsmiths website for further information about the course, which I would definitely recommend given that the course you choose will be one of the most important choices you'll ever make. If you apply, be honest about what you want from Goldsmiths. Whatever you're interested in, mention that you might like to get involved in that capacity, whether it's writing for the magazine or newspaper, the LGBT society, the debating society, sports. I would also recommend that you don't sit on your laurels if you've already gained the entry requirements, instead go for distinctions between now and the end of the course, think about obtaining some of the books from your chosen BA's reading list, and try to avoid typos!

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"It is taught by lecturers who also do research in the field and there is always help available when needed."

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I had heard of Goldsmiths as my sister studied for her Masters here and after visiting the university during open days times, I became familiar with it. While filling out the UCAS application, I did my own research on Goldsmiths and found that the course looked very interesting and was exactly what I was looking for.

I am enjoying the course very much, and despite being challenging, it is taught by lecturers who also do research in the field and there is always help available when needed. The university atmosphere is always buzzing with students, everyone is friendly and welcoming and it has great places to socialise. 

After I graduate, I hope to continue my studies at Goldsmiths and perhaps do a Masters or a postgraduate course in Music Psychology.