Boulton, Richard BA MA PhD


Research interests

My research interests are around the provision of innovation, science and social sciences in healthcare. In particular I am looking at the intersections of where the social sciences, science, technology and medicine meet. Since finishing my PhD I have been undertaking postdoctoral research fellow in Kings College London in implementation science. As an emerging field, implementation science is charged with formalising the uptake of innovations in healthcare. To do this implementation science has been borrowing heavily from qualitative methods developed in the social sciences. Despite this the general approach of the field is positivistic. My research charts the state of implementation science and the currents involved that inform why the formalisation of a new field has been deemed necessary. As well as highlighting the tensions around melding qualitative methodologies into new fields of evidence-based medicine.  

Other research interests have focused on the intersections between Science and Technology Studies (STS), medicine and childhood studies. I am particularly interested in how vulnerabilities inherent to childhood and chronic illnesses are dealt with by the logic of medical protocol.  The two major projects that have developed my research interests have investigated Battens disease, as a research assistant at Kings College London, and my doctoral research on Paediatric HIV undertaken in Goldsmiths. My previous work explored childhood illness by looking at the ways in which protocol is designed and enacted to consolidate childhood vulnerabilities alongside drug regimes and treatment goals. My continuing research will aim to contribute to STS and Childhood Studies by considering the constitution of these vulnerabilities and how they relate to seemingly ‘value free’ modes of scientific knowledge and method.    

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