Brendan Prendeville

Staff details

Position Senior Lecturer
Department Visual Cultures
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Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7487
Brendan Prendeville

Academic qualifications

1968, BA Fine Art, St. Martin’s School of Art

1970, MA History of Art, London University


At present I teach a third year BA special subject, ‘The Truth in Painting,’ and a first year BA lecture course. ‘Modernities’.

Areas of supervision

I have supervised dissertations on philosophy and the monumental, documentary and social practice, projective space, and interpretations of the image in aesthetics. I would consider proposals on themes and problems concerning painting and phenomenology.

Papers presented

2011       ‘On not preferring blindness: from Michel Henry to Caravaggio’, ‘Bergson Legacies’ conference, Courtauld Institute of Art

2011        ‘A heartfelt gesture: distance, illusion and feeling in seventeenth-century painting’ (on Caravaggio); History of Art Dept., University of St Andrews.

2010        ‘A heartfelt gesture: illusion, separation and feeling in baroque realism’; Early Modern research seminar, UCL

2009       ‘A heartfelt gesture: distance, deception and sincerity in seventeenth - century painting’; Dept. History of Art, University of Warwick

2008        ‘Horizons: Painting as practical phenomenology’; Fifth Central and Eastern European Conference on Phenomenology, ‘Corporeity and Affectivity’, Prague.   

2006         ‘Act and Object’, in Merleau-Ponty session of CAA conference, Boston.

2004        ‘Discernment’, IAPL conference, ‘Writing Aesthetics’, Leeds.

2003        ‘Varying the self: Bacon’s variations on van Gogh’,  IAPL ‘Intermedialities’ conference, Rotterdam.

1996        ‘“The Great White South”: the Antarctic photographs of Herbert Ponting and Frank Hurley’, given at ‘Landscape and Myth’ conference, European Cultural Centre of Delphi.

1992        ‘Unseeing eyes’ (on Géricault), given at the Art Historians’ Association Conference, Leeds.

Research Interests

My general research interests concern phenomenology, Bergsonian philosophy, and themes of embodiment and selfhood, as these bear on painting in particular and on visual culture in general. I approach philosophy as a historian rather than a philosopher, which for me entails situating both philosophical concepts and artistic practices historically, in relation to shared concerns or common points of reference. I have written on art of periods ranging between the seventeenth century and the present, with a recurrent emphasis on realism.  Merleau-Ponty has been central to my research, not only due to his preoccupation with painting, but also because of a (historical) question arising from that: to the extent that the philosopher is justified in seeing the work of certain painters (Cézanne and Klee in particular) as enacting his themes in practice, how should this come to be so, and on what basis might his ideas hold for other painters, or for painting in general? I am researching a book concerning the tacit (but not fortuitous or narrowly personal) basis on which paintings may come to have meaning imparted to them by painters and (independently) by viewers, across time. Latterly I have become interested in the radical phenomenology of Michel Henry. I have a parallel research interest in the cinema of Robert Bresson.



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Exhibition Catalogue

Prendeville, Brendan. 1991. Like the Face of the Moon.