Dr Ramon Amaro

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Position Lecturer in Visual Cultures
Department Visual Cultures
Email ramon.amaro (@gold.ac.uk)
Dr Ramon Amaro

Dr. Amaro's work emerges at the convergence of Blackness, psychopathology and the critique of computation reason. Dr. Amaro draws on Frantz Fanon’s theories of sociogenic alienation to problematize the de-localisation of the Black psyché in contemporary computational systems such as machine learning and generative adversarial (neural) networks. Ramon Amaro pulls away from notions of psychic negation, as set forth by the Fanonian model of representation, aesthetics and racial transference, to investigate new more affirmative relations between the Black sense of self and racialised digital ecologies. His ultimate aim is to develop new methodologies for the study of race and technology by drawing on the generative potential of non linearity in machine learning research.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Philosophy, Goldsmiths, University of London 2019
  • MA Sociological Research, University of Essex, Colchester 2013
  • BSe Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1999

Teaching and Supervision

  • Fact of Blackness: Subjects of Difference (BA Year 2)
  • Objects of Difference: Race and Capital (BA Year 2)
  • Space & Time (BA Year 1)
  • Art, Artifacts, Archives (BA Year 1)
  • Black Aesthetic Theory (MA)
  • Advanced Practices (previously Curatorial Knowledge) (PhD)

Research interests

Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Networks, Generative Neural Networks) Black Thought (Frantz Fanon, Sylvia Wynter)
Philosophies of Technology (Gilbert Simondon)
Philosophies of Mathematics and Engineering


Book Section

Amaro, Ramon. 2019. Artificial Intelligence: warped, colorful forms and their unclear geometries. In: Danae Io and Callum Copley, eds. Schemas of Uncertainty: Soothsayers and Soft AI. Amsterdam: PUB/Sandberg Instituut, pp. 69-90. ISBN 9789090318431

Amaro, Ramon. 2018. Precognition. In: Rosi Braidotti and Maria Hlavajova, eds. Posthuman Glossary. London: Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 365-368. ISBN 978-1-350-03024-4

Amaro, Ramon. 2016. Digital Hysteria: A proposal on violence and humanism. In: Collective Hysteria, ed. HSYREITA. (7) London: Hysteria Press, pp. 10-15.


Amaro, Ramon and Khan, Murad. 2020. Towards Black Individuation and a Calculus of Variations. e-flux journal, 109, ISSN 2164-1625

Amaro, Ramon. 2020. Machine Diagnosis. Open! Journal,

Amaro, Ramon. 2020. Threshold Value. e-flux architecture,

Amaro, Ramon. 2019. As If. e-flux architecture: Becoming Digital,

Conference or Workshop Item

Amaro, Ramon. 2018. 'Machine learning, surveillance, and the politics of visibility'. In: Belief in AI Conference, Dubai Design Week. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Amaro, Ramon. 2018. 'The archive as a space in-between history and the production of blackness'. In: The Joy in The Punch, Takeover of the National Maritime Museum. National Maritime Museum, United Kingdom.

Professional Activity

Amaro, Ramon. Advisory Board member of Barbican Centre "AI - More than Human" Exhibition.


Amaro, Ramon. 2019-2020 Uncovering Race: What Machine Learning Reveals About Humans and Algorithms.


Amaro, Ramon. 2019. Darkness, as a first act of creation. In: "Darkness, as a first act of creation", XXII Triennale di Milano, Italy, 1 March - 1 September 2019.


Amaro, Ramon. 2019. Machine Learning, Sociogeny, and the Substance of Race. Doctoral thesis, Goldsmiths, University of London

Further profile content

Media engagements

2019: Ràdio Web Macba (RWM), “Ramon Amaro,” interview by Anna Ramos, SON[I]A, Audio.
In this podcast I introduces the basics of machine learning, its criteria for assigning value, the collision between blackness and the artificial, its flaws, and the problem of impunity.

2019: Ilga Minjon, “Het ontwijken van coherentie,” De Groene Amsterdammer.
This article about my exhibition “Darkness, as a first act of creation” discusses perception and the necessity for a re-articulation of the spaces of the colonial present.