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Position Senior Lecturer in Visual Cultures
Department Visual Cultures
Email visualcultures (@gold.ac.uk)
Dr Bridget Crone

Dr Bridget Crone passed away in January 2023. Her colleague pays tribute to her.

Dr Bridget Crone was a curator and writer. Focussing on the body in material and speculative terms, her work explored questions of “liveness” and the image in relation to performance theory / practice, and the changing relations of body, technology and ecology.

Bridget held numerous curatorial posts and curatorships in the UK and internationally since the late 1990s, including: Media Art Bath (Director, 2006-11), The Showroom, London (2003-6); the Ian Potter Museum, Melbourne; Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Arnolfini, Bristol; Flat Time House, London among others.

Bridget’s edited book, The Sensible Stage: Staging and the Moving Image (2017) examines the interrelationship of the live body and projected image in contemporary art practice.

Academic qualifications

  • Phd in Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths, The University of London
  • MA Curating, Goldsmiths, The University of London
  • BA Hons Fine Art (First Class), The University of Melbourne

Teaching and Supervision

Research interests

For a number of years my research and teaching have centred around ideas related to the body and image in various different ways. My book, The Sensible Stage: Staging and the Moving Image (2012 / republished 2017) was related to an ongoing research and curatorial project that involved performance programmes and artists’ commissions in London (Whitechapel Gallery and ICA, London), Bristol (Arnolfini) and Bath (Holburne Museum and other sites). The Sensible Stage book explores the relation between live performance (the body) and the projected image and includes contributions from Alain Badiou and Elie During, Ian White, Lucy Reynolds and others. My own contribution (an extended essay) proposes that the architecture of the moving image itself produces and projects its own stage in which the audience and image are entangled. This work has been further extended into my 3rd year teaching in which we explore ideas of the body and the stage (event, affect and participation) and look at the way that practices of dramaturgy and choreography might offer new ways of considering the body and new methodologies for the curatorial.

I am currently working on two book projects, one rethinks the body through notions of porosity, leakage and liquidity in contemporary art practice and beyond; the other (in collaboration with two artists) addresses practices of “alien” fieldwork – forms of fieldwork engaged with sensing the world “otherwise” – what I term, practices of planetarity. In the Department of Art, I teach a block of seminar on ideas and practices of liquidity in artists’ film practice on the MA Artist Film and Moving Image, which closely relates to these developing ideas, and I have had a long-standing interest and involvement in artist film and video / moving image practice through the curating and convening of Film Exercise – a monthly screening and discussing programme that took place at Arnolfini, Bristol (2009-14).

Publications and research outputs

Edited Book

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Book Section

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Exhibition Catalogue

Crone, Bridget. 2017. Propositions for a stage: 24 frames of a beautiful heaven.

Crone, Bridget. 2017. Spectral Ecologies.

Crone, Bridget. 2005. The body. The ruin.

Professional Activity

Crone, Bridget. 2012. External Examiner for MA Curating Programmes, University of Essex.


Crone, Bridget. 2017. Propositions for a stage: 24 frames of a beautiful heaven. In: "Propositions for a stage: 24 frames of a beautiful heaven", Institute for Contemporary Arts, Singapore, 29 July to 22 October 2017.

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Crone, Bridget. 2013. The Sensible Stage : An encounter with bodies, images and other sensate materials. Doctoral thesis, Goldsmiths, University of London

Further profile content

Additional Information

Advanced Practices
I am excited to be working with Professor Irit Rogoff, Dr Adnan Madani and Dr Ramon Amaro on the Curatorial Knowledge Phd programme and establishing a new version of that programme, Phd / MPhil in Advanced Practices. In addition, I am a member of the COST European Forum for Advanced Practices.

Phd Supervisees
In addition, I supervise Phd projects in both Visual Cultures and the Department of Art. Current supervisees and their projects: –
• Georgia Perkins, Climate Futures and the Time of the Swarm (2019–)
• Francesca Lazzarini, Images as Operations: Radical Practices in the Age of Neurocapitalism (2019-)
• Caroline Campbell, The interaction between humans and robot-embodied ‘AI’ in a changing theatre of war: a study of the intertwining roles of affect and obfuscation (2015–)
• Kate Pickering, Weird Waters: Dis/Orientation and Belief in the Megachurch Body (2016–)
• Murat Adash, Edges of the Body: Camouflage and the Performative Dimensions of Morpholoy (2018–)
• Teresa Calonje, Appropriating the Gesture: Live Art for Sale (2015–)

International Exchange
In 2018, I established an international exchange with the California Institute for the Arts (Calarts).