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Goldsmiths is a friendly, welcoming place where you’ll be surrounded by people who want to get to know you

However, we know that coming to a new city where you don’t know anyone can feel like a challenge.

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you settle in.

  • Try something new: Take part in a Welcome Week event you might not have tried before
  • First impressions aren’t everything: Try not to worry about things you think you said or did that were embarrassing – everyone is going through the same period of adjustment and might be just as nervous as you about making good first impressions
  • Don’t be shy about your English: Goldsmiths is an international community and you will find many different ways of expressing yourself and connecting with others
  • Meet the neighbours: A lot of students are keen to get to know their neighbours in university accommodation, so don’t be shy – knock on doors, say hello and see what people’s plans are
  • Get involved in the university community: Make plans to go to events with other students. Welcome Week events are a great place to start talking to people who have also just arrived at Goldsmiths
  • Find your niche: Goldsmiths has a wonderful mix of people – seek out those with similar interests through your course or a Goldsmiths Students’ Union society to help you feel at home
  • Invite people to join you: Inviting other students around for food can be a great way to make friends and exchange cultures, while meeting for a coffee or tea after class can be a good way to get to know your classmates better
  • Don’t be shy to ask for help if you need it: Friendship often comes from helping others and being helped


  • Welcome Week is only the start of meeting new people – you’ll meet more people and make friends as the term progresses
  • Almost everybody starting life at a new university will feel shy or awkward at some point
  • Try to include others in what you are doing if you see them struggling
  • It’s okay to find university life difficult at times – most people will experience this
  • If you need support adjusting to life at Goldsmiths visit the Student Centre or the Students’ Union
Velvet and Raffaele, two Goldsmiths students, chat about life as a student and making friends at university
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