Local shopping for UK students

Goldsmiths alumna Alice-India Garwood shares her top tips for shopping.

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Please note that face coverings must be worn in shops in the UK.

Big and little Sainsbury’s

In New Cross, two of our most popular day-to-day shopping destinations are the big Sainsbury’s and the little Sainsbury’s Local.

While the smaller Sainsbury’s Local outside the main entrance to the Richard Hoggart Building is open slightly later (until 11pm, 7 days a week), the focus of your shopping here should be to top up on bits and pieces such as milk, bread and vegetables, and some other fresh goods as and when you need them.

However! Our big money-saving tip is to do your main bulk shopping at the larger Sainsbury’s by New Cross Gate. Here you will find a far wider range of products and have access to more unbranded products, which more often than not fall well below the price of the branded equivalents. There will of course be particular items that you cannot do without (I for one will not drink unbranded cola – it’s just not the same!), but for the basics this is your best bet to save some cash.


We all have little luxuries that we just can’t live without. These are usually particular branded products. There are, however, a multitude of things we buy everyday that have little or no consequence if we go off piste with branding.

One of the simplest ways you can save money with your weekly shop is to avoid branded products where you can, and to focus any branded shopping on one or two treats to cheer yourself up after a bad day.

Lewisham and Deptford Markets

We always recommend a diet with lots of fresh veg, but of course – you do you! If you’re a vegetable lover and are excited to try out new fruit and veg then let us direct you to the markets of Lewisham and Deptford. With bowls of peppers and tomatoes for a mere £1. The value cannot be denied.

As well as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, there are a plethora of household items like tea towels, pots and pans, tupperware, cutlery and much more. Deptford Market is also home to an exciting bric-a-brac market further along up the high-street, as well as lovely plant stalls. These are worth visiting just for a day out if nothing else.

What have you forgotten?

We all make mistakes and we all forget one or two things in the excitement of packing up for university – but have no fear! Local to Goldsmiths there are options for bedding, pots and pans and other household things you may have forgotten or need to replace. For these we recommend larger supermarkets like the local Sainsbury’s at New Cross Gate and Poundstretcher in Lewisham for basic and affordable homeware, ranging from mirrors to bedding and toilet brushes to crockery.

Things I wish I’d known

The large New Cross Gate Sainsbury’s has a small range of cosmetics by brands such as Rimmel, if you’ve forgotten to pack anything like that. Also, you can’t live on Iceland party food for a whole year – it is surprisingly expensive.