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Free healthcare is available through the NHS to all UK residents. Staff working in the UK for longer than six months are eligible.

Most NHS services are free at the point of use, although prescriptions have a fee attached. Some services may require you to register before you can use them. There are many healthcare facilities close to Goldsmiths.

General practitioners (GPs)

Any resident can register with a GP practice in England and receive free primary care. GP’s are doctors who can deal with both physical and mental health problems and can prescribe medicine that you are unable to buy from pharmacies.

GP practices have catchment areas, and therefore it is important to check if your place of residence is within the boundaries of a practice. It's up to the GP practice to decide if they're accepting patients at any given time, but they can only refuse for non-discriminatory reasons.

Being registered with a GP practice does not mean that you're automatically entitled to free NHS hospital treatment. Please visit the NHS Website for more information. 


Immediate medical care is available by dialling 999 and requesting an ambulance. However, this number is only to be used for life-threatening situations. Accident and Emergency (A&E) provides emergency care for badly injured or those with serious symptoms. They normally have a long waiting time for non-emergency cases. 

If you’re unsure you can dial 111 24 hours a day and speak to an NHS advisor. They can give you information on local services, connect you to a doctor or nurse or let you know if it sounds like you need professional medical attention.

Find your local accident and emergency service


At pharmacies you're able to buy some medicines over the counter as well as pick up medicine that your doctor has prescribed. In England a small fee is usually charged for prescription medicine.

Pharmacists are qualified healthcare professionals and can assist and give advice on minor illnesses. 


You can book an appointment at any opticians that suits you. You will be charged a fee for the appointment, and further charges will incur if you need to buy prescription glasses.

As part of Goldsmiths Staff Wellbeing we offer a free eye test voucher to all employees.


Dentist appointments are available through the NHS but a fee will be charged for check-ups and procedures. Although waiting lists may be long to secure a place, dentist appointments with the NHS are significantly cheaper than private dentistry.

You should register with a dentist in the same way that you register with a doctor. It's worth contacting them before you register to check if they offer NHS treatment. 

Find a dentist in your area

Private healthcare

On top of NHS cover you can pay for private health insurance. Private healthcare has shorter waiting times, allowing for quicker access to treatment.

Goldsmiths staff wellbeing

Goldsmiths has many employee benefits designed to support your health and wellbeing.

There are several other wellbeing initiatives on offer, including a lunchtime programme of activities and a 24 hour, 365-day confidential Staff Assistance Programme.