Mentor Training


Partnership Primary and Secondary Mentor Training 2017-2018

Partnership training for class teachers and mentors from all age phases and all levels of experience.

The Goldsmiths mentor training programme has been structured so that it is developmental and so that it addresses the National Mentor Standards for ITT (PDF) which have been detailed below. You will find individual programmes and booking forms at the end of this page.

Standard 1 - Personal qualities

Establish trusting relationships, modelling high standards of practice, and understand how to support a trainee through initial teacher training.

The mentor should:

  • Be approachable, make time for the trainee, and prioritise meetings and discussions with them;
  • use a range of effective interpersonal skills to respond to the needs of the trainee;
  • offer support with integrity, honesty, and respect;
  • use appropriate challenge to encourage the trainee to reflect on their practice; and
  • support the improvement of a trainee’s teaching by modelling exemplary practice in planning, teaching, and assessment.

Standard 2 – Teaching

Support trainees to develop their teaching practice in order to set high expectations of all pupils and to meet their needs

The mentor should:

  • support the trainee in forming good relationships with pupils, and in developing effective behaviour and classroom management strategies;
  • support the trainee in developing effective approaches to planning, teaching, and assessment;
  • support the trainee with marking and assessment of pupil work through moderation or double marking;
  • give constructive, clear and timely feedback on lesson observations;
  • broker opportunities to observe best practice;
  • support the trainee in accessing expert subject and pedagogical knowledge;
  • resolve in-school issues on the trainee’s behalf where they lack the confidence or experience to do so themselves;
  • enable and encourage the trainee to evaluate and improve their teaching; and
  • enable the trainee to access, utilise and interpret robust educational research to inform their teaching.

Standard 3 – Professionalism

Set high expectations and induct the trainee to understand their role and responsibilities as a teacher

The mentor should:

  • encourage the trainee to participate in the life of the school and understand its role within the wider community;
  • support the trainee in developing the highest standards of professional and personal conduct;
  • support the trainee in promoting equality and diversity;
  • ensure the trainee understands and complies with relevant legislation, including that related to the safeguarding of children; and
  • support the trainee to develop skills to manage time effectively.

Standard 4 – Self-development and working in partnership

Continue to develop their own professional knowledge, skills, and understanding and invest time in developing a good working relationship within relevant ITT partnerships.

The mentor should:

  • ensure consistency by working with other mentors and partners to moderate judgments; and
  • continue to develop their own mentoring practice and subject and pedagogical expertise by accessing appropriate professional development and engaging with robust research.

 Primary Mentor Training Dates

New dates to be confirmed (06/04/18)

Secondary Mentor Training Dates

The next training session for all Secondary PGCE PCMs and mentors will be on 01/05/18 at Goldsmiths from 2-4pm. The first hour will include key information regarding PGCE - Ofsted updates (including managing workload), enrichment week activities, update of paired placements, developments in PGCE programme – and will be followed by a  one hour subject mentor meeting – an opportunity to meet with the University subject tutor to discuss aspects of subject provision and developments in subject areas. Please confirm your attendance by email to

Contact | 020 7919 7326 | teacherscentre (