The Disinformation War

S. J. Groenewegen


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The lives of three strangers intersect to bring hope to a beleaguered near-future Britain lurching towards authoritarianism.

Libby Seymour is a Civil Servant, military intelligence analyst, Union activist, believer in the equality of justice, and member of the MayGE Committee campaigning for a long-overdue General Election. A colleague tells her the police want a word about something she didn't do… and she goes on the run with the help of her occasional lover, ex-army doctor, now trauma therapist, Susan Church.

Derek Hallett is a British Army officer with an impressive record in special operations. Newly promoted to Major General, he is stunned to be assigned to a secretive job in England. For commercial reasons, Jackson-Burgess (UK) Ltd steps back from administering four work camps designed to reduce poverty in Britain. He swore to the Crown to uphold the rule of law.

Kayla Nettleton has two lives. Online, she's a veteran Cultural Warrior and defender of social justice through hacking. In real life, she's trapped with her family in a sink estate, and is swept up into the poverty eradication programme run by Jackson-Burgess.

Together, the three unlikely allies spearhead a small resistance group to fight back in the Disinformation War.

S. J. Groenewegen

Born and raised in Australia, S. J. Groenewegen has written a number of SF essays and short stories, as well as a novel, and often appears at SFF conventions as a panellist and moderator. With a background in law enforcement/criminal justice, mostly in intelligence analysis, she has worked within Australian law enforcement agencies as well as the Serious Organised Crime Agency, the National Crime Agency, the Dutch Police, and the FBI. In 2016 she was awarded a British Empire Medal (Civil Division) for services to law enforcement and LGBTQIA+ diversity.