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Cover of A Future for Public Service Television

A Future for Public Service Television

Television is on the verge of both decline and rebirth. Vast technological change has brought about financial uncertainty as well as new creative possibilities for producers, distributors and viewers. This volume examines not only the unexpected resilience of TV as cultural pastime and aesthetic practice but also the prospects for public service television in a digital, multichannel ecology.
Cover of Economic Science Fictions

Economic Science Fictions

From the libertarian economics of Ayn Rand to Aldous Huxley’s consumerist dystopias, economics and science fiction have often orbited each other. In Economic Science Fictions, editor William Davies has deliberately merged the two worlds, asking how we might harness the power of the utopian imagination to revitalise economic thinking.
Cover of Future Gaming

Future Gaming

Paolo Ruffino
This book is not about the future of video games. It is not an attempt to predict the moods of the market, the changing profile of gamers, the benevolence or malevolence of the medium. This book is about those predictions.
Cover of Sonic Agency

Sonic Agency

Brandon LaBelle
In a world dominated by the visual, could contemporary resistances be auditory? This timely and important book from Goldsmiths Press highlights sound’s invisible, disruptive, and affective qualities and asks whether the unseen nature of sound can support a political transformation. 
Cover of Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall: Conversations, Projects and Legacies examines the career of the cultural studies pioneer, interrogating his influence and revealing lesser-known facets of his work.
Cover of The Death of Public Knowledge?

The Death of Public Knowledge?

The Death of Public Knowledge? insists upon the value of shared, publicly accessible information, and suggests that the erosion of its most visible forms, including public service broadcasting, education and the network of public libraries, will have worrying outcomes for democracy.
Cover of Liberalism in Neoliberal Times

Liberalism in Neoliberal Times

What does it mean to be liberal in neoliberal conditions? In this collection of short essays, contributors from sociology, politics and media and communications argue for the continued relevance of liberals and liberalism in a seemingly illiberal age.
Cover of Academic Diary

Academic Diary

Les Back
Les Back has chronicled three decades of his academic career, turning his sharp and often satirical eye to the everyday aspects of life on campus and the larger forces that are reshaping it. Presented as a collection of entries from a single academic year, the diary moves from the local to the global, from PowerPoint to the halls of power.
Cover of Meta Gesture Music

Meta Gesture Music

Meta Gesture Music: Embodied Interaction, New Instruments and Sonic Immersion, is a CD anthology featuring musicians who crossed paths during Meta Gesture Music, a European research project which ran between 2012–17 at Goldsmiths that explored gesture in musical performance and the engagement of the human body with sound.
Cover of The Goldsmiths Prize app

The Goldsmiths Prize app

The Goldsmiths Prize
The Goldsmiths Prize app celebrates the winners and shortlistees of this prestigious literary award and explores the broader tradition of experimental and inventive fiction in which writers make full use of the novel genre's near limitless resources and possibilities.

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