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Reviving and regenerating the traditions and values of university press publishing

Taking advantage of digital technologies and experimenting with the many attractions of print, Goldsmiths Press seeks to revive and regenerate the traditions of academic publishing. Our aim is to create a new culture around academic knowledge practices, one that is more innovative and less constrained than it is now. About Goldsmiths Press

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Phone and Spear wins 2020 Gregory Bateson Book Prize

Goldsmiths Press is delighted to announce that Phone and Spear: A Yuta Anthropology is one of three winners of the 2020 Gregory Bateson Book Prize, awarded by the Society for Cultural Anthropology.

Deciding to honour the ethic of shared leadership and collective praxis that underpins many contemporary Black and Indigenous social movements, and to emphasise scholarship that moves the field forward collectively, the jury awarded the prize this year to three winners.

Goldsmiths Press would also like to congratulate Alan Klima and Savannah Shange. More information here

Goldsmiths Press response to Covid-19

Goldsmiths Press is commissioning opinion pieces, essays and speculative writing from UK and international scholars that reflect on the current pandemic from the perspective of social, economic and environmental justice.

In addition to analyses of our present situation, we encourage authors to engage with and develop the prevailing sentiment that, post-Covid-19, we cannot and should not return to "life as we know it". What might a different future look like? Contributions will be published open access (free to publish and free to read) on the Goldsmiths Press website and on The Commonplace (a publication of the Knowledge Futures Group). More information here