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Reviving and regenerating the traditions and values of university press publishing

Taking advantage of digital technologies and experimenting with the many attractions of print, Goldsmiths Press seeks to revive and regenerate the traditions of academic publishing. Our aim is to create a new culture around academic knowledge practices, one that is more innovative and less constrained than it is now. About Goldsmiths Press

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Futilitarianism: Neoliberalism and the Production of Uselessness is out now

Futilitarianism by Neil Vallelly is a proposal for countering the futility of neoliberal existence to build an egalitarian, sustainable, and hopeful future.

More information here 

Clive Nwonka and Anamik Saha on the MIT Podcast

Clive Nwonka and Anamik Saha talk to Sam Kelly about Black Film British Cinema II, which brings together scholars, thinkers and practitioners to consider the politics of Blackness in contemporary British cinema and visual practice.

More information here