The Other Shore

Hoa Pham


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Winner of the Viva Novella Prize

The Other Shore is a delicate meditation on the nature of ghosts, belief, and how the future is shaped by the past. When the dead begin speaking to sixteen-year-old Kim Nguyen, her peaceful childhood is over.

Suddenly everyone wants to exploit her new talent - her family, the Vietnamese government, and even the spirits themselves.

Written with great poise and confidence in the innocent, delicate voice of a teenager burdened and bewildered by a double-edged gift.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Hoa Pham

Hoa Pham is the author of several books and two plays. Her most recent publication is Empathy, also published by Goldsmiths Press under the Gold SF imprint. She is also the founder of Peril Magazine, an Asian-Australian online arts and culture magazine. Hoa lives in Melbourne, Australia.