Good Day?

In a world where we present our diverse selves through social media, chatbots and messaging, this dark novel listens in on intimate secrets, desires and adultery. This novel-within-a-novel charts the writing of a story about Richard and Anna, a middle-aged professional couple, who face the biggest crisis of their twenty-five-year marriage.

About the author

Vesna Main was born in Zagreb, Croatia. Book length-publications include: a novel, A Woman with no Clothes On (Delancey 2008), a collection of short stories, Temptation, A User’s Guide (Salt, 2018), and a novel in dialogue, Good Day? (Salt 2019). Her autofiction Only A Lodger … And Hardly That is forthcoming from Seagull Books in November 2019.

Her stories have been published in print and online and have been selected for Salt’s Best British Short Stories anthology in 2017 and 2019. She lives in London.

The judges on the shortlist

Erica Wagner on Good Day?

Good Day? is a novel in dialogue that works with repetition and rhythm like a piece of music by Philip Glass. Unfolding as a series of conversations between a husband and wife—about fidelity and infidelity, about fiction and life—it blurs the boundaries between imagination and the self. Formally inventive, it is also elegant, compelling, and slips down a treat.

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