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Some cookies are necessary to help our website work properly and can't be switched off, and some are optional.

For instance, we and our partners may store cookies and other similar technologies to access personal data, page visits and your IP address. We use this information about you, your devices and your online interactions with us to provide, analyse and improve our services. This may include personalising content or the advertising you see on other websites and platforms.

We used cookies as the collective term for these technologies. You can control which of these are used on

Cookies used on

DomainDescription Our main website Blogs and websites for Goldsmiths projects and departments Service for forms used for data collection


These are technically essential to the provision of the website. For example, some cookies are used to enable secure login to restricted areas.

Cookie nameDomainDescription
This cookie records that you have seen and dismissed our notification that we use cookies
gold Session ID for staff who add events to the website (deleted on logout or browser session end).
PHPSESSID Maintains PHP sessions ASP .NET_SessionId Maintains ASP sessions
appView Hides site header and footer from traffic coming from our Goldsmiths App
resolution Records the screen resolution and a value that relates to the pixel density of the screen. Used across the whole site for adaptive images – delivering images of an appropriate size for the screen
AWSALB This cookie allows for multiple services using a load balancer to detect which server cluster is serving you
MUID Used when a page contains an embedded Microsoft form and helps manage that form

These help us understand how people use our website and make improvements to what we do.

Cookie nameDomainDescription
All These cookies are used by Google Analytics to collect information about how visitors use our website. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the website. You can opt-out within your browser using Google's add-on
_clck This cookie is used by Microsoft Clarity to identify the browser session while it happens. You can use Microsoft's Privacy Dashboard to see what data they hold.
__utma Enable tracking when cookies are disabled for google analytics
__utmc Enable tracking when cookies are disabled for google analytics
_ceg.u This cookie name is associated with software provided by Crazy Egg Inc., a USA based company providing web analytics that tracks how visitors interact with pages on a site.
fs_intercom Used by intercom for statistical data on page use, miss clicks and 'rage' clicks
intercom-id- bgu4tlgk Used by intercom to a visitor ID that is used to generate statistical data on the number of visitors to the page
intercom-lou- xnmxp5mp Used by intercom for statistical data on page use, miss clicks and 'rage' clicks
intercom-session- xnmxp5mp Used by intercom to record a session ID
nmstat This information is then used to improve the user experience on the website. This Siteimprove Analytics cookie contains a randomly generated ID used to recognize the browser when a visitor reads a page.
sc.UserId This cookie name is associated with the SessionCam web analytics application from ServiceTick.

We use Google Analytics, which you can opt-out within your browser using Google's add-on.

We use Microsoft Clarity, which is covered by the Microsoft Privacy Statement and you can access your data held by Microsoft through their privacy dashboard

Our advertising partners use cookies and code called pixels* on our website to help us monitor the effectiveness of our advertising.

Sometimes we use remarketing advertising services, which use the information from cookies and pixels to show adverts from Goldsmiths on other websites that you visit. This is based on how you have interacted with our website.

We have advanced matching enabled on forms used by visitors who are enquiring about coming to study at Goldsmiths (for example, open day registration).

We do not use advanced matching on pages containing forms unrelated to coming to study at Goldsmiths. It is not used on forms for current students and staff.

Advanced matching uses a secure method called hashing to compare the information you enter on a form with what the advertiser holds (this is limited to name, email, phone, gender and location). If this hashed information matches, the advertiser can serve advertised personalised to you.

If the hashed information does not match (ie the advertiser does not have the same information), the advertiser disregards the hash. At no point does the advertiser see your personal information in this case.

Advertising companies used by Goldsmiths

CompanyWebsiteChange your settings

(including Facebook and Instagram)
(including DoubleClick)
(including Bing)
X (Twitter)

You can also control adverting using:

* For Meta we use the Meta Conversion API to provide the information that would be collected by the Meta Pixel (this includes what is needed for advanced matching). We only do this for users who have enabled tracking cookies. We do not do this on pages containing forms unrelated to coming to study at Goldsmiths.

We embed content from the following services on our websites. They may use cookies from within their content.


We use Airtable to show database tables.  See Airtable's privacy policy for how they manage cookies:


We use bilibili to show videos relevant to visitors from China.  See bilibili's international privacy policy:

Google Maps

Our maps are served by Google Maps. This includes our Campus Map, where we have overlaid our own map. This is governed by Google’s privacy policy:


Issuu is used to show publications. See Issuu's cookie policy:


We have audio streams served by SoundCloud. See SoundCloud’s cookie policy:


Some pages feature Spotify playlists. See Spotify's cookie policy:


Some pages include videos served by Vimeo. This includes auto-playing videos featured in the top ‘hero’ areas of pages. See Vimeo’s cookie policy:


Some videos are served by YouTube, which is governed by Google’s privacy policy:

X (Twitter)

Some pages include the ability to share with X. See X’s cookie policy: