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Our academic departments, centres and institutions offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate study options across a range of disciplines from the arts and humanities to entrepreneurial business and management.

Research Centres and Units



We’re interested in pushing Anthropology forward, in unique areas and subjects you can’t study elsewhere.


We create, make and write about contemporary art in a dynamic, critical and interdisciplinary environment.


Our unique teaching style lets students develop their creative potential while learning solid computing skills.


At Goldsmiths design is in our DNA. But we’re not interested in just producing it, we’re interested in defining it.

Educational Studies

Educational Studies isn’t just about teaching and learning. At Goldsmiths it’s exploratory and expansive.


From the occult to dictators, from war to revolution, and from the body to ideas – this is history at Goldsmiths.


Goldsmiths Law prepares students for 21st century legal practice and empowers them to pursue exciting career paths.


From opera to soundscape, from John Cale to James Blake, music at Goldsmiths embraces 21st-century culture.


Our courses, from cognitive neuroscience to anomalistic psychology, are accredited and diverse.


We're interested in pushing the discipline forward and ‘Live Sociology’ - focusing on contemporary issues.

Theatre and Performance

Our ethos is interdisciplinary and intercultural; we extend our study both within and beyond European traditions.

Visual Cultures

We explore new forms of art theory and history, art practice and visual culture.