Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre (TaLIC)

We work in partnership with Goldsmiths' staff, lending our support and expertise to the shared goal of excellence in teaching and learning.

Who we are

We are a team of learning technologists and academic developers supporting inclusive and engaging innovation in the curriculum, and providing effective development, recognition and reward for all staff involved in teaching and supporting students’ learning.

We do this through a wide range of enhancement activities, including accredited courses, one-to-one support, events, online resources, the sharing of institution-wide innovative practice, and bespoke workshops.

We play a key role in enabling Goldsmiths’ strategic ambitions for education and the student experience.

Technology Enhanced Learning

We provide technical and pedagogical support and guidance for staff in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).

Our staff can help with the design of learning materials to make the most of flexible learning opportunities, from induction through to assessment. We can prototype ideas, research the possibilities and help staff to construct learning activities and resources. We also assist with day-to-day enquiries via our dedicated email helpline tel (@gold.ac.uk) and daily drop-ins.

We work closely with colleagues in IT and Digital Services to ensure upgrades and updates work smoothly and keep an eye on research, trends and innovations across the sector via local and national networks.

Our supported platforms provide abundant opportunities to create engaging and accessible activities and resources to supplement face to face teaching.

  • Learn.gold is Goldsmiths' Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), based on the Moodle platform. It is central to the student learning journey
  • Panopto supports recorded lectures, video assessments or supplemental pre-recorded materials. Easy to use, it offers built-in discussion and quiz features
  • Turnitin enables similarity checking of submitted work to help students improve their referencing and prevent plagiarism
  • Teams offer synchronous meetings and webinars
  • Wooclap offers engaging real time polls face to face or online

Academic and curriculum development


Goldsmiths' Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGCHE) is designed to enhance the pedagogical practice of staff new to teaching.

It is open to Goldsmiths’ staff via an application and selection process.

The programme consists of a series of study days, teaching observations, reflection logs, projects and coursework.

During the Study Days established teachers discuss existing pedagogical theory and practice informed by the lived experience of teaching at university.

Participants on the programme explore, discuss and debate theories of learning and teaching in Higher Education, and reflect on their own teaching activities, both individually and with their peers.

Experiential route

The Experiential route (ER) is Goldsmiths’ pathway for staff with recent or current experience teaching or supporting student learning to gain recognition as Fellows of Advance HE. We offer 3 levels of fellowship:

Associate D1 – open to all staff who teach or support student learning in higher education.

Fellowship D2 - for staff with at least 3 years experience teaching in higher education, although this is flexible

Senior Fellowship D3 – for staff with leadership experience in learning and teaching

Curriculum Development

We offer support in curriculum development and for individuals, particularly in inclusive practice and decolonising the curriculum. These include short online or face-to-face courses and sessions focussing on EDI centred practice, web resources, and bespoke sessions with programme teams.

Communities of Practice

We work with academic and professional services staff to create self-sustaining communities of practice across the university to support ongoing embedded staff development particularly around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Meet the team

Dr Fiona Handley, Director of TaLIC

Fiona was formerly Principal Lecturer in Learning and Teaching at the University of Brighton and the Head of Learning and Teaching at the University of Winchester, where she led their PGCHE, experiential route and an MA Student Engagement.

Adeola Adeshina, Administrative Coordinator

Adeola manages the administrative process for both the PGCHE programme and the Advance HE Experiential Route to Fellowship.

Andrew Linton, Programme Convenor for the Post-Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Andrew is a Lecturer in Teaching and Learning for Higher Education at Goldsmiths. Andrew has more than twenty-five years teaching experience in higher education, at a number of universities in London and the Home Counties.

Dr Deborah Custance, Tutor on PGCHE and Workshop Series Coordinator

Debbie received a joint honours BA in Philosophy and Psychology (first class) from Stirling University in 1990. She was awarded a PhD in 1994 from the University of St Andrews for a doctoral thesis on social learning and imitation in human children, chimpanzees and capuchin monkeys.

Jane-May Martin, Accessibility Project Manager

Jane-May is responsible for coordinating College-wide projects and initiatives related to digital accessibility and inclusion, as well as improving the teaching and learning experience for disabled staff and students at Goldsmiths.

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, Learning Technologist

Originally Mark’s work largely focused on the production of video-based learning resources and managing a video recording facility and editing suite. He later moved into VLE management and before joining Goldsmiths, was responsible for the University College of Osteopathy’s Moodle-based VLE.

Mariam Jabbi Chacón, Educational Developer

Mariam is the Educational Developer for Deconolisation of Academic Practice. Her work focuses on the interaction between the socio-political understanding of social minorities and the psychological impact of this status, focusing on racial studies.

Dr Raed Yacoub, E-Learning Advisor

Raed research interest is in literacy and lifelong learning from computational and constructionist perspectives. He has taught classes on digital literacy and computer skills.

Tracy Part, Academic Developer

Tracy manages the Fellowship programme at Goldsmiths. By placing EDI considerations at the heart of curriculum design of Goldsmiths CPD Experiential Route to Fellowship, Tracy joins a network of colleagues who are stimulating cultural change at Goldsmiths.

Vanessa's Profile Picture

Vanessa Smith, E-Learning Advisor

Vanessa is the Arts and Humanities E-Learning Advisor for the following academic departments. Art, English and Creative Writing, Design, Music, Theatre and Performance, Visual Cultures.

Will's profile picture

Will Goodin, E-Learning Advisor/ Learning Technologist

Will’s PhD Will received his PhD at Goldsmiths College in Art and Computational Technology in 2018. His research centred on the blurring of the lines between art and life through the use of collaborative interactive art experiences.

Technical enquires (including learn.gold)

Email tel (@gold.ac.uk)

If emailing about learn.gold include:

  • Module code and title
  • Title of the relevant assessment/reading/document/etc
  • Link and the associated URL(s)

General enquires

Please email talic (@gold.ac.uk).