How to see the different elements of your timetable and teaching.

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Your personalised timetable contains activities that you have to attend at the stated time.

This will show all the core classes and any selected optional modules that are relevant to you – these are the sessions you will be required to attend as part of your programme.

At the start of a term there can be changes to your timetable as it is updated with your selected modules. Locations may change to help accommodate the needs of your fellow students.

Please check your timetable regularly.

See timetable help below if you are having problems.

Personalised timetable

Optional modules that have been recently selected will not appear on your personalised timetable. Use the programme timetable to see when these are.

See your programme timetable

This timetable will display all activities associated with your programme, including all seminars, workshops and small group teaching (including optional modules you may not be taking). This means there may be some sessions displayed on the timetable that you will not be required to attend.

  1. Go to mytimetable.gold.ac.uk
  2. Sign in using your Goldsmiths username (in the format ‘abcde001’) and password. Or click the Guest button if you don't have a username yet
  3. Click on ‘programme of study’ link on the left
  4. Choose your department from the dropdown list  
  5. Select the relevant programme
  6. Specify the week/term you would like to view
  7. Click on the ‘view timetable’ button

Timetable help

Submit change requests using these forms:

In order to view your full timetable, you must be fully enrolled in your programme of study and all your selected optional modules.

If you have recently completed your enrolment your or selected modules record may not be completely updated. It can take up to a week for changes to filter through.

In the meantime, you can check module, programme or departmental timetables.

If you do think this is the problem contact your school hub.

Optional modules

You are automatically enrolled on core modules, but your options will only appear on your timetable when you have selected them. As several different systems are used to produce the timetable, there can be a delay between selecting or swapping modules on sign-up and the changes being reflected on your timetable.

Tutorials, seminars and sub-groups

While you are automatically allocated to whole group lectures allocation to tutorials, seminars and sub-groups take place at a department level and allocations are added as they are done. This may not have happened for you yet.

Check your programme timetable

Follow the instructions above to see your programme timetable.

If you have changed your modules, or are transferring from one programme to another, it can take some time for your timetable to be updated.

It may also be that your department is still processing your details. Contact your school hub if you have concerns.

Check your programme timetable

Follow the instructions above to see your programme timetable.

If you have an in-person class it will be allocated a room code to show you where to go.

Please complete your Goldsmiths online induction, where you will find a guide to translating room codes in the ‘Your Campus’ module.

There is a starter’s guide to using Teams in the Goldsmiths online induction, which we encourage all students to complete.

Problems signing in

Use the Guest sign-in button on mytimetable.gold.ac.uk to view programme timetables without a Goldsmiths username.

Check that you have entered your username in the format ‘abcde001’ and that you have entered the correct password.

View guidance around common account access issues

If you are still unable to sign in please contact the IT Service Desk.

In the meantime, you can use the 'Guest' button to access programme timetables on mytimetable.gold.ac.uk.