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Giving to a future shaped by creative and inquisitive minds.

In 2020 students from the poorest 40% of families in England will graduate with an average debt of around £57,000*. Maintenance grants are long gone and the cost of living in London means many students balance their studies with paid work.

This change has had a major impact on what it means to study at university.

Students continue to want this moment in their lives to be a time of pushing intellectual and personal boundaries. But for some, the chance to explore beyond the curriculum is curtailed by lack of time and money.

At Goldsmiths, we want all of our students to enjoy the opportunities that our University has to offer. We want them to leave us as well-educated, well-rounded individuals equipped to make a difference in the world.

Hundreds of alumni have already taken part in giving to Goldsmiths each year to raise vital funds for our students.

Please take part and give to Goldsmiths today

*Institute of Fiscal Studies

When you give to where the need is greatest, you support current priorities that enable our talented students to realise their ambitions.

You can also give to:

Student Hardship

Help students with essential living costs and emergency food shopping. Your gift could prevent a student from leaving before they complete their studies.

Scholarships, Bursaries and Prizes

Ensure access to education for outstanding students regardless of their financial circumstances.

Student and Community Outreach

Funds a diverse range of projects and activities that enhance students’ experience of university, develop confidence and make a difference to the Goldsmiths Community.