Cost of living crisis appeal

Please support vulnerable students who are struggling during the cost of living crisis.

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Students are relying on food banks to survive

Students are being hit especially hard by the cost of living crisis, with more than one in ten UK students using food banks, and more than nine in ten students worried about the cost of living.

Estranged students, students from low-income families, young carers, and disabled students are facing the brunt of this crisis.

At Goldsmiths, we have received double the student applications to the Student Hardship Fund compared to this time last year.

This means twice as many Goldsmiths students are facing financial hardship today.

Students are choosing between buying books and food

With the cost of living crisis, I find myself choosing to buy a book for uni instead of eating that day. My worst fear is becoming homeless again, so I’m just doing everything I can to afford my rent. But it’s really hard going without food and doing fun stuff and feeling constantly stressed out. Knowing the Hardship Fund is there makes it feel much less scary.”

Ann, English Literature 2nd year student

A representation of a student in a corridor.

Students desperately need our support

Goldsmiths have allocated extra funds to this year’s Student Hardship Fund as part of Goldsmiths' cost of living crisis initatives.

Even with these extra funds, there are many more students like Ann in desperate situations who need financial support. That’s why we are turning to you to ask for your help.

Please donate to the Student Hardship Fund

You can be the reason a student like Ann stays at Goldsmiths and doesn’t drop out like so many others. Your support can help them to achieve their dreams.

Many estranged students like Ann have no one else to turn to for support. As Goldsmiths alumni and friends, you can show them they are not alone and that they have a community out there who want them to succeed.

How your donation will help

Your gift will go directly to the Student Hardship Fund to help vulnerable students in an emergency situation with their living costs.

A donation of any amount would be very welcome.

For example, your gift of:

  • £20 could provide a week’s worth of food for a student who is skipping meals to be able to afford to travel to class
  • £100 could provide a month’s worth of heating bills for a student who can’t afford to pay them
  • £900 could provide a full Student Hardship Grant to help get a student out of a desperate situation like homelessness

If you prefer, you can give a regular gift of £5, £10, or £50 per month, or whatever you can afford.

Thank you for your support

It means the world to our vulnerable students to have a caring community of Goldsmiths alumni and friends to turn to in these difficult times. We thank you for your generosity.


The photo is of a model to protect the student’s identity.