About our website

Our new website doesn’t just involve a brand refresh. It also involves a new standard of accessibility throughout the site, which we take very seriously.

Our site currently conforms to the WCAG AA standards and we’re working toward ensuring our content is easy to read and understand. We’ve applied accessibility to our site in the following ways:

  • Ensuring designs are colour compliant (for the benefit of colour blind and partially sighted users)
  • Providing text alternatives for images so that text readers can let blind and partially sighted users know what’s on a page
  • Using descriptive labels for buttons and form fields
  • Implementing and testing keyboard-friendly controls for video players and interactive content
  • Testing the website prior to launch using established assistive software (e.g. screen readers) and dedicated auditing tools

If you notice an accessibility problem on the website, please send an email to communications ( and we will do all we can to fix the problem.


Our site works with Browsealoud, an innovative support software which adds speech, reading and translations to websites. This makes our website easier for people with all sorts of disabilities such as dyslexia or mild visual impairments as well as people who need translation.

Since the launch of our website, we've taken on some accessibility changes to such as clearer tabbing and the ability to skip through to content. We have also incorporated a link to trigger BrowseAloud as the second tab action.

You can access Browsealoud by clicking our menu on the top right and clicking “Listen/translate”. You can also trigger it by selecting tab twice and then Enter. When the menu appears, you can use the following menu items:

  • Pointer hand - Hover to speak mode
  • Globe - Translate page
  • MP3 sheet - MP3 Maker
  • Eye between two blocks - Screen mask
  • Search glass with A - Text magnifier
  • Bars with arrow - Simplify
  • Gear - Settings
  • Question mark - Describes the features of the bar

For any additional help, feel free to contact the Communications department at communications (