Open Book

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Open Book at Goldsmiths aims to break down the barriers that discourage people from entering higher education.  The project works closely with a network of agencies to support people from a wide range of non-traditional backgrounds including, offending, addiction and mental health, as well as those who have never truly considered further and higher education as any kind of route to enhancing their future career choices and personal development.

Education for education's sake

Open Book offers a wide range of taster classes (delivered by experienced staff and volunteers) including, Anthropology, Art, Creative Writing, Philosophy, and Music and Performance.  The project also offers an Extended Project program, teaching the basics of academia, which will offer both a qualification and practical experience, allowing students to make genuine applications to foundation and bachelor degrees.  The project also offers a dedicated Women’s Drop-In session, offering a wide range of practical advice from both a personal perspective and an academic one.

Open Book values the importance of learning from experience.  The project encourages students to value and reflect on their own life experiences to offer new dimensions to the academic and policy perspectives offered by their courses.  Open Book staff work with individual students to find the right solution for them.

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