Privacy notice for subjects of photography and filming at Goldsmiths

This Notice explains how Goldsmiths will collect, use and share your image. It should be read alongside the General Privacy Notice and any other information that you may receive when your image is collected.

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How we use your image and information

The images we collect may be published online, for example on our website, intranet and social media profiles, in advertising or in print for the following purposes:

  • To provide insight into life at Goldsmiths for prospective and current students and staff, industry and research bodies, and the local community;
  • To illustrate stories or information about what Goldsmiths does or provides. These can be stories about individuals, for example a staff member’s research, or a service used by many people such as a Welcome event attended by students.

Your image may also be used for teaching, fundraising or awareness campaigns, and for training and development. We will only use your other information to identify you to ensure that we comply with your individual rights, and/or alongside images as discussed with you.

The legal basis for processing your data

Goldsmiths relies either on consent or legitimate interests to process your image depending on the processing being performed and the circumstances of the data subjects.

What information is collected about you

We may collect your image through photography and filming during events or activities on or off campus. We may also collect other information provided by you such as your name and contact details to allow us to identify your image when it is stored.

Sharing your personal data with others

It may be necessary for Goldsmiths to share your personal information between colleagues, teams and departments who need access to your information to carry out their normal duties.

We sometimes use third party organisations to collect and process data on our behalf. These organisations include professional photographers, design agencies and printing services. Goldsmiths will take the necessary steps to ensure that any third-party organisation that we work with adheres to data protection law by ensuring that there is a contract or agreement in place with them.

There may be occasions where we wish to pass on your image to the press for wider publication. Where we wish to do this, we will have always sought your consent before doing so.

Where your image and other personal information are shared through our social media profiles, these can be viewed and shared by anyone throughout the world after they are published. They will be stored and distributed by the third party organisations who own and manage these social media platforms. Depending on the context in which your image will be used on our social media profiles, we may have sought your consent before doing so.

How long will Goldsmiths retain images

Once your image and any other information have been collected, they will be held in our database for four years, at which point they will be archived.

You may ask us at any time to stop using your image and information by contacting the department or team that took your photo. If you are not sure who this is, please contact cmr ( We will not always be able to remove images used online and in print once in circulation, but images will not be processed any further by us.

Securing your image and other personal information

Your personal information is held securely within the College with controlled access. Staff that process your information will have received the relevant data protection training.

From time to time, we may work with a third-party organisation to enhance the systems storing your personal information. Where this occurs, they will act strictly in accordance with the instructions given by us and outlined in a contract or data sharing agreement, so that your personal information remains secure.

Your rights

Privacy legislation gives you a number of rights in relation to the processing of your personal data. Details of these are contained within the general information on our website.

Further information regarding your rights as an individual is available from the Information Commissioner’s website.

Changes to this notice

This notice was last updated in October 2021. It is advised that you check here regularly as this notice may be amended or updated at any time.

Further information

If you have any questions about photography and filming, please contact cmr (

Should you have any concerns about the way Goldsmiths processes your personal information, please contact the Data Protection Officer by email: dp (