Peaces is the story of Otto and Xavier Shin, a couple who embark on a mysterious train journey that takes them far beyond any destination they could have anticipated.

As the carriages roll along they discover each is more curious and fascinating than the last, becoming embroiled in this strange train and its intrigue. Who is Ava Kapoor, the sole full-time inhabitant of the train, and what is her relationship to a man named Prem? Are they passengers or prisoners? We discover who orchestrated the journey, hurtling them all into their past for clues.

This is a brilliant, wise, strange and, above all, beautiful novel.

About the author

Helen Oyeyemi is the author of The Icarus Girl, The Opposite House, White is for Witching (which won the Somerset Maugham Award), Mr Fox, Boy, Snow, Bird, Gingerbread and the short story collection What is Not Yours is Not Yours.

In 2013, Helen was included in Granta's Best of Young British Novelists.

Judge Ali Smith on Peaces

"In a blast of visionary life and energy, and with a kind of jovial panache that casually analyses narrative while simultaneously shaking itself free of all preconceived expectations of narrative, Peaces busts us out of isolation, drops us into a train carriage with a bunch of strangers who aren't strangers after all (plus a couple of mongooses), and sends us on a journey of the psyche that liberates its readers into a state of brilliant rich-and-strangeness.  ‘Here’s to unseeing the world.’ This novel unfixes everything and sends us out renewed."