Giving to Goldsmiths

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When we come together, we can thrive, even in the most challenging of times.

Our students are our priority, and during their studies they may need our support in a variety of ways.

Over the last eight years our donors have given more than £300,000 to support students. This essential resource supported students experiencing hardship, scholarships and bursaries and hundreds of life-changing projects.

Where the need is greatest

Giving in this way allows Goldsmiths the flexibility to allocate funds where they are needed at any given time in order to respond to the needs of our students. This ensures we can support them when they need it most and can also be invested in the following areas:

Student Hardship

Students who experience unforeseen financial hardship during their time at Goldsmiths may need help in areas such as essential living costs and emergency food shopping. This support ensures that they stay with us and after they complete their studies here, go on to change the world around them.

Scholarships, Bursaries and Prizes

Help ensure that gifted students are not prevented from joining the University on the basis of their financial circumstances by allowing them to focus on their studies rather than their financial circumstances.

Alumni and Friends Fund

Support students and staff to realise their ambitions in the form of collaborative events, publications and equipment that improve the student experience, showcase Goldsmiths talent, support student wellbeing and encourage community engagement.

If you would prefer, you are able to choose which of the above areas of work you would like to support, or you can let us decide on your behalf by donating to where the need is greatest.

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