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Welcome to the Graduate School at Goldsmiths, University of London.

The Graduate School is home to Goldsmiths' community of postgraduate researchers and the hub for events and activities. Here you will find a range of essential resources, including information on research ethics, examinations, training, networks and induction.

Welcome from the Dean

Goldsmiths is a dynamic and vibrant university that fosters excellence in research within a collegial and interdisciplinary environment.

The academics who supervise and support your research are leading experts in their fields. The rich blend of rigorous scholarship and innovative, entrepreneurial thinking is a hallmark of research at Goldsmiths.  

Collaboration with different universities, and with non-university external partners, is also vital to the graduate research experience here.

The departments, centres and institutes of Goldsmiths offer a range of graduate and faculty research seminars, to which you are warmly invited.

As a member of a college of the University of London, you have access to the research events at the ten Institutes of the School of Advanced Studies. Our library, with its extensive holdings, databases and e-resources in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is complemented by the considerable holdings of Senate House Library.

We are part of four innovative Doctoral Training Centres and Partnerships: CHASE and Design Star funded by the AHRC; London Social Science (soon to become SeNSS) funded by the ESRC; and Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence funded by the EPSRC.

Doctoral and graduate research is immensely rewarding. It requires innovation, drive and, at times, endurance. It can be social, through seminars, conferences and discussions with graduate peers. It can be solitary, as you work to complete that chapter. In either case, the Graduate School is here to support you.  

We are your advocate within Goldsmiths. We give advice and direction on regulatory issues.

We provide dedicated research facilities and training to ensure that you are well equipped for the challenges of graduate research.

We offer funds to enable you to attend conferences or conduct research at other institutions, and to develop your own conferences and events at Goldsmiths.

Every year we celebrate your achievements, and share your success in our Goldsmiths Graduate Festival.

Graduate study at Goldsmiths is a transformative experience that will prepare you for leadership and innovation in your chosen field.

Our community of almost 1,000 research students is a diverse and talented one. It is drawn from across the globe and located in the heart of London, one of the most vibrant and international cities in the world.

Welcome to Goldsmiths. You are an essential part of our vital intellectual environment. We wish you every success in your research.

Professor Alan Pickering
Dean of the Graduate School

Professor John Drever
Deputy Dean of the Graduate School

‌Essential information

The Research Student Handbook (PDF download) contains all of the essential information you'll need to navigate your doctorate.

Useful resources

The Graduate School is located in the Whitehead Building (WB117) together with the Graduate Study Centre (WB104), a dedicated area solely for use by postgraduate research students.

Departmental Contacts for PGR Students

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