Academic Diary: Or Why Higher Education Still Matters

by Les Back

Academic Diary by Les Back is available to buy now. Chronicling three decades of his academic career, Les Back turns his sharp and often satirical eye to the everyday aspects of life on campus and the larger forces that are reshaping it. His smart, humorous and sometimes absurd campus tales not only demystify the opaque rituals of scholarship but also offer a personal perspective on the far-reaching issues of university life.

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Reviving and regenerating the traditions and values of university press publishing

Taking advantage of digital technologies and experimenting with the many attractions of print, Goldsmiths Press seeks to revive and regenerate the traditions of academic publishing. Our aim is to create a new culture around academic knowledge practices, one that is more innovative and less constrained than it is now. About Goldsmiths Press

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Why Publish? The politics of communication in perishing times

Join us for our Director’s inaugural lecture on Tuesday 26th April at 6pm.  As part of our series of events to celebrate the launch of Goldsmiths Press Professor Sarah Kember asks how a new generation of independent and university presses can reinvent rather than reinforce what counts in scholarly and artistic practice.  Visit our Eventbrite page for more details and to register for a free ticket.

Goldsmiths Press at London Book Fair 2016

A series of events to celebrate the launch of Goldsmiths Press begin on April 13th at the London Book Fair. Our director, Sarah Kember, and co-founder Adrian Driscoll are joined by colleagues to discuss The Making of a Modern UP: Launch Lessons from Goldsmiths Press.  Join us to celebrate