Staff Gold


We moved Staff Gold to Goldmine as of February 2015.

On Goldmine, you'll find all our staff related information from links to all our College systems, such as Agresso and Pyramid Self-Service, as well as HR documents and Finance information.

Accessing Goldmine

You can access Goldmine by using your Campus login (eg jblog005) on campus.

To access Goldmine remotely, you'll need to log in via the GVPN website and enter your campus login details. You'll find a link to Goldmine under the web bookmarks. Find out more about using the GVPN.

Got any questions about accessing Goldmine? Email or find out more on our Digital Transformation Project blog.

Expert Goldmine

Goldmine is your online space to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Check out our video tour to find out about all the exciting features:

Information on using the VPN

In the future you'll be able to access Goldmine from home, like other Goldsmiths tools, via the VPN. Find out more about using the VPN and request access to the VPN through FootPrints.