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Forget Me Not

Within our homes it would be possible for us to find objects and spaces that we rarely use or really think about in our everyday lives. Some of these objects are mundane and lack productive use, but some are vital to the performance of everyday life and the existence and functionality of other objects.

Through the manipulation of an object's function, it can be made to be considered in a myriad of new ways. By designing the object to become (more) interactive, informative and playful it will inevitably engage the user more and create positive emotions towards the object, thus making it continually considered. But, what would the object inform the user?

Mass consumption has come about because of our lack of understanding of how objects work, because we do not know or learn how to fix things, it becomes easier to buy a new one. This is especially the case in wealthier countries, where it has become cheaper to buy a new object, which has been manufactured abroad, than to repair it in your own country.
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