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Through The Melting Mirrors

The final project centers on the concept of identity and desire for social deception. Habits and behaviors are clues for others to formulate perceptions of ourselves and our cultural status, while taste and personal belongings become objects of self-promotion instead of mediums for personal expression. The nature and consequence of these judgments provokes an increase in self-awareness and the potential for manipulation. Technological co-dependency has challenged the classical notion of a single persona by allowing us to customize and construct ourselves however possible in a virtual community. I will explore this creation of multiple identities and how this facilitates a broader understanding and re-evaluation of the concept of self as well as the way it can encourage the practice of fluid identities into the physical world.       

“I remember having mentally constructed – appearance, behaviour, character and personal history – a number of imaginary characters who were every bit as visible and present to me as the things born from what we call, improperly sometimes, real life.” - Patrick Corillon
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