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Ready. Not.

My investigation of the space that emerges is based in the variable dynamics enclosed in void space. Starting from the spatial terrain in order to attribute to void its blurred ‘physicality', my research and design practice lead me to the space of creativity, of design process and of communication. In which case what I call ‘void' is the territory of variable interactions, an expression of future possibilities, is the idea of space that emerges.

The investigation of spatial void helped me not only to map its variable contents but also performed as a contextual base and as a ‘pragmatic' example towards its elsewhere abstract content. With this project my aim is to provide an experience by merging the theory with the actual space of creativity and of design process. The main concern is to explore how we engage with void space and find out if our understanding of absence-presence can be transformed to a creative platform.

My work questions what we perceive as void space and indicates that what misses at the same time is the linking element. The viewer is challenged to make his/her translations while void finds its role as a threshold, and as a linkage.
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