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Suhail Malik

Selected public output

'The Blank Ambivalence of the Miraculous in the Chapman Brothers' Art', in The Art of the Chapman Brothers, ed. Chris Townsend, Thames and Hudson


'A Boom Without End? Liquidity, Critique and the Art Market' in Mute Vol.2, Number 6: Living in a Bubble: Credit. debt and crisis, [ISBN: 978 0 9554796 9 4; ISSN: 1356 7748 261, pp.92-99] 'Art – Critique – Capital', in The Showroom Annual 2005/6, ed. Bridget Crone and Kirsty Ogg, The Showroom, 2007, pp.38-

'National (Re)Presentation', a four session research project co-organised with Andrea Phillips and Sophie Van Olfers at Witte de With with Claire Beke, Annie Fletcher, Nick Hackworth, Nicoline van Harskamp, Munira Mirza, Daniel van der Velden, Olav Velthuis, 4-25 October

'On the Conditions of Politics', Conference Paper at On the Conditions of Politics, organized by Serpentine Gallery on the occasion of Paul Chan's 7 Lights Exhibition, Conway Hall, London

'Resistance or Invention? Art and Global Capital Assemblage', Panel Discussion (with Amanda Beech and Andrea Phillips) part of Local Operations, Serpentine Gallery, London

Discussion Panel (with Amanda Beech, Charles Esche, Andrea Phillips, Matthew Poole and Saskia Sassen) for Pilot:3 – Venice Biennale 2007, Atelier Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice

Discussion Panel (with Jo Mitchell, Vivienne Gaskin, Michael Morris and Chris Bohn) on Jo Mitchell's Concerto for Voice and Machinery, ICA, London

Discussion Panel (with Andrea Phillips and Steve Klee) on Aernout Mik: Solo Exhibition, Camden Arts Centre, London

'New Money', Discussion Panel (with Hans Abbing, Maria Lind, Jamie Stapleton) for Rotterdam Dialogues: The Periphery Complex, Witte de With (in conjunction with Art Rotterdam), Witte de With, Rotterdam


'Method Without Discipline', at Inventing Methodologies 2: An interdisciplinary workshop on postgraduate practice-based research, organized by Research Unit for Contemporary Art Practice, Department of Visual Arts, Goldsmiths, February 2007


Editor of 'The War in Iraq and Visual Culture', Special Section in Journal of Visual Culture, 5:1, Sage, April, pp81-118

''Introduction' and 'Fucking Straight Death Metal' in Special Section on 'The War in Iraq and Visual Culture' in Journal of Visual Culture, 5:1, April, London: Sage, pp. 107-12

''On the Composstibility of Painting', in Nigel Cooke: Paintings 2001-2006, Koening Books, pp22-32

'What is New About "New Moderns"?', in The Showroom Annual 2004/5, ed. Bridget Crone and Kirsty Ogg, The Showroom, pp.52-55

'Global Sovereignty', in Theory, Culture, Society: Special Issue on Problematising Global Knowledge, 23:2-3, March – May, ed. Couze Venn et al, Sage, pp.512-17

''We, All of Whom are Sovereign: Towards a Critique of Democracy' (with Andrea Phillips), at The Society for European Philosophy/Forum for European Philosophy Conference, University of Dundee, Dundee, September 2006

'Nigel Cooke: Adventures in Representation', talk for Focus: Nigel Cooke, Solo Show at The Modern, Fort Worth, Texaière, Art, Politics: Aesths, USA, October

Research Day with Jacques Rancetics, Goldsmiths, London, October


Panel Discussion on Coco Fusco's performance A Room of One's Own: Women and Power in the new America, with Coco Fusco, Shami Chakravarty and Marquard Smith, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, June

Panel Discussion of Modern Lovers (Curated by Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Three Colts Gallery, London), with Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Matthew Poole, Amanda Beech, Tom Morton, Goldsmiths College, London, June

'Law, Democracy and Contemporary Art: Agamben's Exception and Rancière's Singularity' (with Andrea Phillips), 'Political Currency of Art' Research Group Seminar, Goldsmiths College, London, June

'Modern Legacies', 'Sweatshop' Discussion on Ellsworth Kelly: Solo Exhibition, with Edgar Schmitz and Daniel Sturgis, Serpentine Gallery, London, March


'Information and Knowledge', in Theory, Culture and Society Special Issue on: Inventive Life: Approaches to a New Vitalism, 22:1, pp.29-49

'From the Sublime to the Ridiculous', Catalogue Essay (with Portugese translation), for Mushrooms in the Rain, Solo Exhibition by Gerard Hemsworth, Galarie Brito Cimino, Sao Paulo (pp42-47), 2005 [reprint in new translation of 'From the Sublime to the Ridiculous' (2002)

'How to Fight the Law of the Body' (with German translation) in Objekte und Installationen von Kathrin Rabenot, pp.34-37

''Critics Choice', Panel Discussion for Pilot::2 – International Art Forum, London, October

'Should I Stay Or Should I Go: Art Schools and the Marketplace', Panel Discussion for Scope Art Fair, London, October

Chair and co-organiser 'TimePop 2: Video Showreel of Goldsmiths Postgraduate Students' Video Work', ArtProjex in association with Goldsmiths College, Prince Charles Cinema, London, June


Contrapop at Vamialis, Athens, Greece, November – January (participating artists: Caroline Achaintre, Matt Franks, Jo Mitchell, Ian Monroe, Seb Patane, Daneil Pflumm, Toby Ziegler) <link:

Gewalt, at Loushy Art and Editions, Tel Aviv, Israel, February – March (participating artists: Reza Aramesh, Diann Bauer, Amanda Beech, Aya Ben Ron, Candice Breitz, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Nigel Cooke, David Falconer, Gunther Herbst)

Editor of Gewalt Catalogue for 'Gewalt' at Loushy Art and Editions, Tel Aviv, Israel, February – March 2004
'Towards a Socio-Psychologistical Theory of Fatiscism', Catalogue Essay for Works from The Chapman Family Collection (pp.5-10), Solo Exhibition of Jake and Dinos Chapman, White Cube, London [31 October – 7 December 2002], London: White Cube

'Paper – Democracy – Print' (w/ Portugese translation) for Paper Democracy: Contemporary Art in Editions on Paper (curated by Gerard Hemsworth, British Centre Sao Paulo, September-December 2004), Cultura Inglesa, Sao Paulo, Brazil, pp.6-11

Co-editor of Sandwich: A series of discursive pamphlets, London, 2004
1: Aya Ben Ron, Nigel Cooke, Alison Gill, Luciana Parisi, Autumn 2004

'Intimacy Contra Art' (with Italian translation), for Prototipi.03, Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, Rome, November

'I'm Lovin' It', Catalogue Essay for Secrets –The Spectacle Within (curated by Suhasini Kejriwal and Dr. Alka Pande), British Council Gallery, New Dehli, India, March

Organiser and Chair of Painting, Specifically, Symposium (with Glenn Brown, John Chilver, Nigel Cooke, Jane Harris and Mike Stubbs) at The Serpentine Gallery, London

'Beyond the Magic of Technology', Lecture at the Israeli Centre of Digital Arts, Holon, Israel

Seminar on 'Art's Violence' at Bezalel Academy of Fine Art, Tel Aviv, Israel, February Talk on The Shelf Life of Milk, Solo Show by Richard Hughes, The Showroom, November

Chair and co-organiser 'TimePop: Video Showreel of Goldsmiths Postgraduate Students' Video Work', ArtProjex in association with Goldsmiths College, Prince Charles Cinema, London, May

Panel member, Grit in the Oyster Conference: An International Conference Focusing on Creativity, Learning and Teaching, Goldsmiths College, London


''Flower Power', for Hanging: Work by Aya Ben Ron, at the Israeli Centre of Digital Art. Holon, Israel, 2003

'Painting Per Se' (co-authored with Gerard Hemsworth), Catalogue Essay (with Portugese translation), for Painting Per Se Exhibition, Galeria Andre Milan, Sao Paulo, June-July 2003, and Galeria Oscar Cruz, Rio de Janerio, August 2003 [ISBN: 85 88116-12-X, pp.6-9]

Response to Brian Massumi, Life's (re-)Emergence Conference, Organised by Centre of Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College,May

Plenary Response, Symbolic Versus Real Conference, organized by Re: Public Art network and Dept. of Visual Arts, Goldsmiths College, at Limehouse Town Hall, February

Public talk 'The Future of Contemporary Painting', part of Painting Per Se Exhibition, Galerie Andre Milan, Sao Paulo, Brazil, June


'Painting as Contemporary Art', Catalogue Essay (w/ Portuguese translation) for Painting as a Foreign Language (curated by Gerard Hemsworth, British Centre Sao Paulo, March-April), Cultura Inglesa, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2002, pp.8-17

'The Foreign, Now: The Foreign Now', in Sidewinder (curated by Gerard Hemsworth, December – February, CIMA Gallery, Calcutta; India Habitat Centre, New Delhi; Coomaraswamy Hall, Prince of Wales Museum of Western India, Bombay), CIMA Gallery Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta, India, pp.15-27

'From the Ridiculous to the Sublime' (w/ Portuguese translation), for Gerard Hemsworth Solo Exhibition, Thomas Cohn Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil, October

'Between Bodies Without Organs and Machines Without Desire: Deleuze-Guattari's Elision of Prosthetic Actuality', in New Formations: The Prosthetic Aesthetic, ed. M. Smith & J.Morra, 46, Spring, pp.34-47

'Why Contemporary Art Is So Disappointing', for Belief Exhibition at South London Gallery (curated by the MA in Creative Curating, Goldsmiths College), July-August,London

''Force and Form: Digital Architecture, Process Art and Hylomorphism' for session on 'Contemporary Art and the Matters of Science' (convened by Peg Rawes), at the 28th Association of Art Historians Conference, University of Liverpool, April

'No More Art' with Jake Chapman, Institute of Contemporary Art, London,May

Seminar on 'Painting as a Foreign Language', MoCA, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, March

Gallery Talk on Keith Tyson 'SuperCollider', South London Gallery, London, February



Editor of Sidewinder Catalogue for 'Sidewinder' touring Exhibition, CIMA (Calcutta), India Habitat Centre (New Delhi), Coomaraswamy Hall, Prince of Wales Museum of Western India (Bombay), December 2001 - March 2002

'BodyPopping',Catalogue Essay (w/ German translation) for SPY, Group Show curated by Thomas Grünfeld (with Gary Hume and Andreas Schulze), Monika Sprüth Gallery, Köln, October-November 2001 [ISBN: n/a, pp.28-31]

'Whatever Happened to the Cyborg Manifesto? - The Cyborg Fifteen Years On, Five Complaints', in Mute (Digital Art Critique) 20, July, pp.10-11

'Nietzsche and Vitalism', for Nietzsche and Science, Annual Conference of the Friedrich Nietzsche Society of Great Britain, Cambridge, September 2001


Co-editor (with Gary Banham) of 'Teleologies - Scientific, Technical, Critical', Special Issue of Tekhnema: Journal of Philosophy and Technology, 2000

'Machines and Fabrication: Organization and the Motive-Formative Difference', in Tekhnema 6, pp.128-166

'Introduction' (with Gary Banham), Tekhnema 6: Teleologies - Scientific, Technical, Critical, 2000, pp.4-13

Co-editor (with Charles Campbell) of Front, Book of bilis 2000, bilis/don projects, 2000

'The Pathological Culture of the Cyborg' in Front, bilis/don projects, pp.115-138

'Nihilism and Life: Cosmobiology and Ontopoiesis in Heidegger's Nietzsche' in Nihilism Now! Monsters of Energy, ed. K. Ansell Pearson & D. Morgan, Macmillan, pp.86-116

'Freud's Metapsychology of the Drives and the Transmutation of Death' in The Limits of Death: Between Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, ed. M. Smith, J. Morra & M. Robson, Manchester University Press, pp.106-129

'Notes on the Pedagogical Pragmatics of Art School Activities', in Drawing Fire: The Journal of the National Association of Fine At Education, 2:5, pp.16-21

'Discipline and Contingency', Keynote Address on Art Education for Visual Art, Visual Culture, AICA 2000, Tate Modern, London, September

Seminar on Artists' Spaces and Urban Development, Assembly: A Collaboration between Goldsmiths and RCA students, Stepney City Development, London, September

1999 and before

'Tekhné is Fond of Túkhé, and Túkhé of Tekhné: Energy and Aristotle's Ontology' in Tekhnema 5, 1999, pp.124-153

Organising and chairing of Research Workshop on Criticality and Commodification: New Dimensions, Dept. of Visual Arts, Goldsmiths College, Sept 1999

Co-organiser of Research Workshop on After the Body: Pornography and 70s Feminism, Dept. of Visual Arts, Goldsmiths College, March 1999

'Digital Presentation, Art and the Supersensible' in Art Criticism Theory, Winter/Spring 1997/98, pp.34-50

'Digitisation and Heterogeneity', Plenary Session for Art & Technology: In the Age of Information Conference, Tate Gallery, Liverpool, July 1998

'Light Memories: Modernity, Photography and Mass Production', in Mute, Summer, 1997, pp.54-57

'Is the Internet a Rhizome? Cyberspace and the Deleuze-Guattari Machine' in Mute, Spring, 1997, p.14]

'Why There Can Not Be a Post-Photography' for Slipstream—The 6th National Photography Conference, The Racecourse, York, November 1997

'Différantial Technics' in Imprimatur 1:2, Spring 1996, pp.200-203

'Is Cyberspace Postmodern?' in Mute, Autumn, 1996, p.15

'The Immateriality of the Signifier: The Flash and the Innocence of Michael Jackson' in Mute, Winter, 1994, p.1-2

'Bordering on Living: Death in Hegel's Self-Stricture' in The Oxford Literary Review Vol.14, 1992, pp.71-105

Areas of supervision

Amanda Beech
John Chilver
Nigel Cooke
Jasper Joseph-Lester
John Reardon
Michael Stubbs

Research Interests

Contemporary art, modern Art, the political economy of critical art, sovereignty and domination, critiques of liberal democracy, finance capital
My initial research was on the theme of invention in contemporary European philosophy and critical theory. This line of inquiry led to an examination of new media and digitisation which in turn generated three strands of research: first, an examination of technics in relation to human experience and thought; second, examination of particular artpractices in a variety of media; third, consideration of the conditions of critique and violence in contemporary democratic societies. This latter dimension has recently become the focus my research interests and I am currently working on a book examining the challenge to received notion of critique presented by contemporary manifestations of dominating power, primarily that of the US.



Towards a Socio-Psychologistical Theory of Fatiscism
Malik, Suhail. 2002. Towards a Socio-Psychologistical Theory of Fatiscism. White Cube. ISBN 0954236335

Book Section

Tainted Love: Art’s Ethos and Capitalization
Phillips, Andrea and Malik, Suhail. 2012. Tainted Love: Art’s Ethos and Capitalization. In: Maria Lind and Olav Velthuis, eds. Art and its Commercial Markets: A Report on Current Changes and with Scenarios for the Future. Berlin/Stockholm: Sternberg Press/Tensta Konsthall, pp. 209-240. ISBN 978-1-934105-99-3

The wrong of contemporary art: aesthetics and political indeterminacy
Phillips, Andrea and Malik, Suhail. 2011. The wrong of contemporary art: aesthetics and political indeterminacy. In: Paul Bowman and Richard Stamp, eds. Reading Rancière. London: Continuum, tbd-tbd. ISBN 978-1441137814

The Wrong of Contemporary Art: Aesthetics and Political Indeterminacy
Malik, Suhail and Phillips, Andrea. 2011. The Wrong of Contemporary Art: Aesthetics and Political Indeterminacy. In: Paul Bowman and Richard Stamp, eds. Reading Rancière: Critical Dissensus. London: Continuum, pp. 111-128. ISBN 978 1 4411 9037 6

You Are Here
Malik, Suhail. 2010. You Are Here. In: Bassam el-Baroni; Jeremy Beaudry and Nav Haq, eds. Manifesta 8: The European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Region of Murcia (spain) in dialogue with northern Africa. Milan: Manifesta, pp. 58-61. ISBN 97888 3661697 8

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Art - critique - capital
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Painting as Contemporary Art
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Pathological Normality
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Survey on Gender Ratios in Curating Programs
Reckitt, Helena; Malik, Suhail; Burton, Johanna; Hartjes, Natalie and Markopoulos, Leigh. 2012. Survey on Gender Ratios in Curating Programs. Red Hook, pp. 10-16.

Educations Sentimental and Unsentimental: Repositioning the Politics of Art and Education
Malik, Suhail. 2011. Educations Sentimental and Unsentimental: Repositioning the Politics of Art and Education. Redhook: Journal of Curatorial Studies, 1, n/a-n/a.

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'Introduction' and 'Fucking straight death metal' in Special Section of journal
Malik, Suhail. 2006. 'Introduction' and 'Fucking straight death metal' in Special Section of journal. Journal of Visual Culture, Special Section 'The war in Iraq and visual culture', 5(1), pp. 107-112.


Malik, Suhail. 2004. Gewalt. In: "Gewalt", Loushy Art and Editions, 2/19/2004 - 3/19/2004.

Conference or Workshop Item

Capitalist Artist Scum #1 and #2
Reckitt, Helena; Malik, Suhail; Yuile, Laura; Kulendran Thomas, Christopher; Kulesh, Leslie; Cameron, Angus; Pil & Galia, Kollectiv; DKUK, DKUK; Pollard, Alexander James and Luke, Kristin. 2015. 'Capitalist Artist Scum #1 and #2'. In: FORUM: Capitalist Artist Scum. Open School East, London, United Kingdom 24 September 2015-11 November 2015.

Resistance or invention? Art and global capital assemblage
Malik, Suhail; Phillips, Andrea and Beech, Amanda. 2007. 'Resistance or invention? Art and global capital assemblage'. In: Local operations. Sackler Centre of Arts Education at the Serpentine Gallery, London, United Kingdom 23 May - 1 July 2007.

Discussion panel for Pilot:3
Malik, Suhail; Beech, Amanda; Esche, Charles; Phillips, Andrea; Poole, Matthew and Sassen, Saskia. 2007. 'Discussion panel for Pilot:3'. In: Venice Biennale. Monastery of St Damien and St Cosimo, Venice, Italy Summer 2007.

'New money' discussion panel
Abbing, Hans; Lind, Maria; Stapleton, Jamie and Malik, Suhail. 2007. ''New money' discussion panel'. In: Rotterdam dialogues: the periphery complex [symposium]. Witte de With, Rotterdam, Netherlands 8th February 2007.

On the conditions of politics
Malik, Suhail. 2007. 'On the conditions of politics'. In: On the Conditions of Politics conference. Conway Hall, London 28 June 2007.

Method without discipline
Malik, Suhail. 2007. 'Method without discipline'. In: Inventing methodologies 2: an interdisciplinary workshop on postgraduate practice-based research. Goldsmiths, University of London February 2007.

Discussion panel on Jo Mitchell's 'Concerto for voice and machinery'
Malik, Suhail; Mitchell, Jo; Gaskin, Viviene; Morris, Michael and Bohn, Chris. 2007. 'Discussion panel on Jo Mitchell's 'Concerto for voice and machinery''. In: Panel. ICA, London.

Discussion panel on 'Aernout Mik: solo exhibition'
Malik, Suhail; Phillips, Andrea and Klee, Steve. 2007. 'Discussion panel on 'Aernout Mik: solo exhibition''. In: Panel discussion. Camden Arts Centre, London, United Kingdom February - April 2007.

National (Re)Presentation: a four session research project
Malik, Suhail; Phillips, Andrea and Olfers, Sophie Van. 2007. 'National (Re)Presentation: a four session research project'. In: Four evening discussions. Witte de With, Rotterdam, Netherlands 4-25 October 2007.

'Painting as a Technology'
Chilver, John; Malik, Suhail; Harris, Jane; Stubbs, Michael; Cooke, Nigel and Brown, Glenn. 2004. ''Painting as a Technology''. In: ‘Painting, Specifically’. Serpentine Gallery, London, United Kingdom.