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Monica Greco BA MA PhD

Monica Greco's work addresses forms of knowledge in medicine and psychiatry both as objects of research and as vectors to think with. Her approach is broadly informed by the history and philosophy of these disciplines as well as social studies of science and technology. Monica’s particular area of interest is psychosomatics and the implications of concepts in psychosomatic medicine for questions of ethics and politics, subjectivity, social ontology, embodiment and agency.

She is the author of Illness As a Work of Thought (Routledge, 1998) and co-editor of several collections, including two Routledge Readers (The Body, 2005; and The Emotions, 2008). Her articles in peer-reviewed journals have addressed a range of topics including health as a vector of neoliberal forms of subjectivity and self-governance; life, vitalism and normativity; medical humanities; critique and performativity in relation to the problem of contested illnesses and ‘medically unexplained symptoms’.

Academic qualifications

Monica Greco studied at the University of Sussex (BA in History, MA in Critical Theory) before gaining her PhD in Social and Political Science from the European University Institute (Florence). She joined Goldsmiths in 1996 and since then has taught across all levels within the department. She is Convenor of Postgraduate Research, with responsibility for the PhD programmes in Sociology and Visual Sociology.

Monica was a Humboldt Research Fellow at the Institut für Sozialforschung in Frankfurt and is currently Secretary of the Alexander Von Humboldt UK Association. She has taught at the University of Vienna and the University of Lausanne.


Research Interests

  • Social theory (including STS) in relation to health, illness and medicine, with specific interest in psychosomatic medicine and ‘biopsychosocial’ models of health/illness
  • Knowledge, expertise, participation
  • Interdisciplinarity, medical humanities
  • Philosophy of medicine, particularly in relation to concepts of life and vitalism, the work of Georges Canguilhem and Viktor Von Weizsäcker

Wellcome Trust (Small Grants Scheme) and CRASSH (Cambridge), in collaboration with Robbie Duschinsky, Michael Schillmeier and Darin Weinberg, International Symposium: Biopolitics and Psychosomatics – Participating Bodies, to be held in Cambridge in July 2016.

European Science Foundation (Exploratory Network Grant), in collaboration with P. Stenner, J. Motzkau and M. Clinch, International Workshop: Affectivity and Liminality - Exploring the Dynamics of Suspended Transition. Brighton, 2013.