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Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process



    CSISP, the Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process, is an active interdisciplinary research centre based in the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths. CSISP supports work in the broad area of science, technology, society and the environment. It hosts events, research, and projects that examine the role of 'invention’ - and related terms, 'innovation', technology, discovery, change - in social and public life, and aims to facilitate collaboration and intervention across disciplines and practices that touch on the social broadly conceived: design and social science, computing and sociology, issue advocacy and social methods, biomedicine and social research, the arts and environmental science.



    Digital Tools for Qualitative Resesrch: A two day social media hackathon
    May 15-16th, 10.00-17.00, RHB 350
    organized by Noortje Marres & David Moats

    The goal of this ESRC-funded multi-disciplinary workshop will be to test popular digital tools of social research and examine how they might be adapted for the specific needs of qualitative researchers, in a small group “hack-a-thon” environment. The overarching aim is to question the divisions between qualitative and quantitative approaches, by engaging with digital methods in critical and reflexive ways. We will explore how these methods, which are often embedded in the platforms being studied, shift the relationship between researchers, digital devices and research subjects.

    Inventing the Social
    Celebrating 10 years of the Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process

    Goldsmiths, May 29-30, 2014  

    This symposium celebrates the 10 year birthday of CSISP, which quite miraculously coincides with the 50 year anniversary of Goldsmiths Sociology.

    The event will explore the challenges associated with the 'return of the social', the pervasive suggestion that the 'social' is back, now that social media, social innovation and social design present and push themselves as objects, instruments and contexts of research and engagement.

    We ask: can we understand these phenomena as renewed efforts at the socialization of technology, the environment and associated entities? We are especially interested in recent claims to the effect that sociality is not only enacted, but can equally be invented, produced and generated with devices and settings. This also raises the further, experimental question of how social and cultural research and theory themselves may participate in the invention of socials.

    With: Andrew Barry (UCL), Lisa Blackman (Goldsmiths), Nigel Clark (Lancaster University), Rebecca Coleman (Goldsmiths), Will Davies (Warwick University), Maarten Derksen (Universiteit Groningen), Ignacio Farias (WZB, Berlin), Carolin Gerlitz (University of Amsterdam), Michael Halewood (Essex), Anders Koed Madsen (Aalborg University Copenhagen), Bernd Kraeftner/Judith Kroell (Vienna), Daniel Lopez (Catalunya), Linsey McGoey (Essex), Liz Moor (Goldsmiths), Fabian Muniesa (Mines Tech, Paris), Dan Neyland (Goldsmiths), David Oswell (Goldsmiths), Marsha Rosengarten (Goldsmiths), Evelyn Ruppert (Goldsmiths), Manuel Tironi (Catholic University of Chile)






    CSISP has a mailing list. If you would like to subscribe, please send an email to csisp@gold.ac.uk

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