Life in New Cross

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New Cross is a vibrant area in South East London that's situated just 10 minutes by train from the centre of the city.

Described in The New York Times as a hub of creative talent, the area has a thriving music and arts scene, fantastic restaurants, buzzing cafes, and a genuinely diverse and eclectic population. What's more, it was recently voted in the Rentonomy website as the best place in South East London for renting. 

Want to find out more? Download our Little Book of London (PDF download), or read Time Out's guide to New Cross.

The Amersham Arms pub, opposite New Cross station
A local shopkeeper in Deptford
The Big Red is a converted bus, now a pizzeria
The Deptford Project - a converted train carriage
Telegraph Hill Park, a 10 minute walk from campus
 Deptford is home to lots of creative art spaces


An introduction to New Cross and the areas around Goldsmiths.

What our students say about New Cross

"I fell in love with South East London during my time at Goldsmiths and still live in New Cross now – it’s changed an awful lot since I started uni 13 years ago. Saying that, I ended up having a drink at the Students’ Union recently, and was pleased to discover it hasn’t changed a bit!"

Isabel, Goldsmiths graduate

"The atmosphere of the College is rather elegantly described by its South East London location – close enough to the centre of the city to make it easy to draw on all of the resources a city like London has to offer, while still being far enough out as to maintain its own identity. The characteristics and location of Goldsmiths, and by extension, the staff and students that it attracts, all contribute to making studying here what I can only describe as an experience that cannot be found elsewhere."

Philip, Goldsmiths student

Take a guided tour

At Open Days we offer guided tours of the local area. In addition to this, the Students' Union is happy to offer tours of New Cross if you're ever in the area and would like to have a look around.