APRU Invited Speaker Series 2016-17

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We hold seminars on Tuesdays at 6.10pm in Room LG01, Professor Stuart Hall Building. Be sure to check out our maps and directions to find the campus. All talks are open to staff, students and members of the public. Attendance is free and there is no need to book in advance. 

For further information, contact Chris French email: c.french (

NB: You are strongly recommended to register (at no cost) with the APRU’s “Psychology of the Paranormal” email list to ensure that you are informed of any future changes to the programme as well as news of related events. You can also follow @chriscfrench on Twitter for announcements (including news of last-minute cancellations, changes of venue, etc.).


Autumn Term 2016

27 Sep         
Dr Marcia Holmes
Birkbeck College
"Brainwashing: Fears, fantasies and facts about mind control in the Cold War"

11 Oct         
Scott Wood      
Writer and co-founder of the London Fortean Society
"Hidden insults and helpful terrorists"

20 Oct         
Claudia Hammond
Writer and broadcaster
"The psychology of money"

8 Nov          
Dr Anna Stone & Professor Mark McDermott
University of East London
"How many kinds of paranormal belief are there?"

29 Nov 
Dr Paul Broks
Writer and broadcaster
"Imaginal reality"

6 Dec          
Dr Devin Terhune
Goldsmiths, University of London
"You will come to this talk: Current knowledge of suggestion and suggestibility"

Spring term 2017

10 Jan         
Dr Rupert Sheldrake
Biologist and author
"The Extended Mind: Experimental evidence for the effects of attention at a distance"

24 Jan 
Stephen Volk
"Creating paranormal drama for film and TV"

7 Feb          
Dr Vaughan Bell
University College London      
"An extensive series of unlikely doubles: a 'big data' approach to Capgras delusion"

Dallas Campbell
Writer and broadcaster
"The flying saucers are real! How the UFO conquered earth"
28 Feb         
Professor Lisa Blackman
"Haunted data, weird science and archives of the future"

7 Mar
Charlotte Martial
University and University Hospital of Liège, Belgium
"Can science explain consciousness? Lessons from coma and related states"

14 Mar 
Professor Stephan Lewandowsky  
University of Bristol
"Rational denial of undeniable climate change"

28 Mar 
Matt Tompkins  
Psychologist & Magician
"Methods from madness: Magic, ghosts, and the origins of experimental psychology"

5 June  
Jamie Bartlett
Centre for the Analysis of Social Media
"Radicals: Individuals, groups and movements rejecting the way we live now, and attempting to find alternatives"

1 August  **Room LG02**
Joe Uscinski
University of Miami
"Conspiracy Theories are for Losers"