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Laura White

Position held:
Senior Lecturer in Fine Art (Studio Practice)

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Studio B BB / Room: 2

Exploring the language of sculpture Laura White uses a range of materials from everyday objects to constructed matter. She is interested in our relationship and negotiation with the 'stuff' of the world, from the mediated experience of images, such as in books, on posters and the internet, to first-hand encounters with objects and matter.

Most recently White has been interested in the idea of a haptic experience in relation to imagery, where one has a physical relationship to an image and encounters them through a sculptural language. By representing images in this way the viewer confronts the image both physically and spatially, inviting them to dissolve their subjectivity in the close and bodily contact with the image. Within a language of sculpture she explores the sculptural qualities of images, such as using image as matter, sculpting it to create complex and colourful forms that both displace and destroy the meaning of the image.

Academic qualifications

2004 MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London.
1997 MA Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham.
1990 BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture.
Loughborough University School of Art and Design

Presentations and exhibitions

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2008/9 If I had a monkey I wouldn’t need a TV. Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.
2007 Powwow. Gallery-33, Berlin.
2006 Into the Cold Light. Transition Gallery, London.
Laura White: New Work. Firstsite Gallery, Colchester, Essex.
2005 Projects at Christ Church, Christ Church, Spitalfields, London.
Deck George Rodger Gallery, University College for the Creative Arts, Maidstone
Laura White. Alma Enterprises, London.
2000 Laura White. Fordham Gallery, London.
In-Side. Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University.
1999 City Break. Cable Street Gallery, London.
Everything you do counts here. Margaret Harvey Gallery,
University of Hertfordshire.
1999 The Decima Gallery. Decima Gallery, London.
1997 Laura White. Bradford Cathedral.

2008 STUFF. Presented by V22, London. The Wharf Road Project: Don’t Open this Door if You Can’t Close it. Artists: Alison Wilding, Phyllida Barlow, Bettina Buck and Laura White.
Suffragette City. 219 Bow Road, London. Video Screening curated by Sheena Macrea
Unnatural Histories. Nunnery Gallery, London. Curated by Myriam Blundell.
The Famous, the Infamous & the Really Quite Good. Decima Gallery, London.
2007 Play. Bearspace@The Cello Factory. London. Curated by Julia Alvarez Intervention. Fieldgate Gallery, London.
Multicomplexificationalities. Nunnery Gallery, London. Curated by Roy Exley.
Eau Savage Part 2, Fieldgate Gallery, London.
Re-Formation. Projects at Christ Church, Spitalfields, London.
2006/07 Grotto. Studio1.1 London.
2006 Beauty and the Beast. Fieldgate Gallery, London.
Conjunction 06, Redgate Gallery, Brixton, London.
Small Works, VINEspace, London.
Art Car Boot Fair, The Old Truman Brewery, London.
Basement Screen, The Residence, London.
Kamikaze Blossom, Fieldgate Gallery, London.
Eau Savage, Lucy Mackintosh Gallery, Luasanne, Switzerland.
LPW VINEspace, London
Altered Beast. Three Colts Gallery, London.
2005/06 Basement Screen.
Prussian Blue. Carter Gallery, London.
2005 Yabadabadoo. Cell Project Space, London
For and From. Metropole Galleries, Folkestone.
Sculpture at Canterbury. Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury.
We Have Left the City Gates. Nunnery Gallery, London.Curated by JJ Chalesworth.
Urban Formalism. Cortex Athletico and Museum of Contemporary Art Bordeaux, France.
Avecom Video Festival, Arnhem, Netherlands.
On the Road. Pro Arts project. California, USA.
2004 Grottos. Video screening, Candid Projection Rooms, London.
Alma Enterprises video screening, London.
Pleasure Garden. Nottingham Castle, Nottingham.
Nowhere Else but Here. Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London.
2003 Inter-mission. Bow Church London.
Imaging London. Houldsworth Gallery, London.
Amplifying Silence/Magnifying Stillness. Foundation D’Art
Contemporain Daniel & Florence Guerlain. France. Curated by Roy Exley.
2002 Lonely This Christmas. i-level, London. James Windsor Art.
Diversion. Museum of Garden History, London. Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art.
Exposure. Standpoint Gallery, London. (Two person.)
2001 Fair Charm and Foul Play. Deptford X, London.
2000 Preface. International Biennale. The Hatton Gallery, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.
2000-02 Museum of Installation Box Project. MOI London, Angel Row Gallery Nottingham, Turnpike Gallery Leigh, Unit 2 Gallery London Guildhall University, London.
1999 Father Apollinaris Said. Vilma Gold, London.
1998 The Ida Branson Memorial Bequest 98. Atkinson Gallery, Millfield, Somerset.
Sculpture 1. Economist Plaza, London.
Ikon Touring Exhibition, Birmingham.

2008 STUFF. Presented by V22, London. The Wharf Road Project: Don’t Open this Door if You Can’t Close it. Artists: Alison Wilding, Phyllida Barlow, Bettina Buck and Laura White.
2007 Salon 07. Seven-Seven Contemporary, London. Selector.
2006 Beauty and the Beast. Fieldgate Gallery, London.

Grants & awards

1997 Kleinsassen Art Gallery, Germany. Internationales Obernkirchener Symposium, Germany.
1996 23rd Iwate-Town International Residency, Japan.
1995 Maalot, Israel. Sheffield Hallam University.

Professional activities

Manchester Metropolitan University

Other Links

VINEspace, London

Transition Gallery, London

Fieldgate Gallery, London

Bow Arts

Firstsite Gallery

This Island

Danielle Arnaud

Cortex Athletico

Conjunction 06

Professional development

Since 2006 Lecturer in Fine Art Goldsmiths College, University of London.
Undergraduate programme.
Since 2003 Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Manchester Metropolitan University. Undergraduate programme.

Visiting Lecturer in Fine Art 1997 -2009
2007 Camberwell College of Arts, London. Undergraduate programme.
2005 – 07 University College for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, Kent.
Postgraduate and Undergraduate programme.
2004 – 06 Goldsmiths College, University of London. Undergraduate
1998 – 2004 Nottingham Trent University. Undergraduate programme.
1997 – 2003 Loughborough University School of Art and Design.
Undergraduate programme.
2000 & 2009 Bath Spa University College. Undergraduate programme.
1999 & 2008 Wolverhampton School of Art and Design. Undergraduate and Postgraduate programme.
1999 Hertfordshire University. Undergraduate programme.

Selected publications

2008 Robert Clark. Laura White Manchester. Guardian Guide: Exhibitions. 6th – 12th Dec 2008. Pg 38.
Laura Mansfield. If I had a monkey I wouldn’t need a TV – Laura White. ArtArtArt. Issue 4. Jan 2009. Pg 14.
Aaron Lavery Laura White: If I had a monkey I wouldn’t need a TV. Metro. 25/11/08.
Ella Wrendenfors. New Vision Old Images – reinventing with Laura White. City Life, Manchester. 27/11/08
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Anonymous. Laura White: On View. Manchester Evening News. 28/11/08
Thalia Allington-Wood. Laura White at Castlefield. Manchester
Confidentail. 8/12/08
Victora Holman. Modern art, not rubbish. Telegraph blogs. 5/12/08
Jessica Holland Decim-tion in E3 : the Big Art show, Decima. The London Paper. 12/2/08.
The Famous, the Infamous & Really Quite Good. Evening Standard. Feb 2008.
Nathaniel Pitt. Two artists One Day: Ruth Claxton and Laura White Art of England. April 2008

2007 Jessica Lack. Play London. The Guardian Guide: Exhibitions. Oct 27th – Nov 2nd 2007. Pg 37.

2006 Jo Wilmot. It’s Electrifying…technological obsolescence, ecological concerns, illuminations, phosphorescence and projection in the work of Laura White. Garageland Oct 2006 Issue 3. Pg 50 -51.
2006 Jo Wilmot. Laura White at Firstsite, Colchester. The Critical Friend. Spring 2006. No 4 Pg -35

2005 Vanessa Desclaux Laura White: Project at Christ Church. AN Reviews Unedited. 26/11/05.
Didier Arnaudet Bordeaux: Charles Mason, Laura White. Art Press November 2005 No. 317 ‘Pg 84.
Benoit Hermet. Charles Mason , Laura White: Two fish in London, Le Festin Autumn 2005 No. 55. Pg 100
Gilles-Christian Rethore Salutary Wanderers. Spirit. July- Aug 2005 No 11

2004 Robert Clark. Pleasure Garden Nottingham. The Guardian Guide:
Exhibitions Aug 2004. Pg 36.

2003 Duncan McLaren Imaging London. Art Review . October 2003 pg 113.
Jessica Lack Imaging London. The Guardian Guide: Exhibitions.
Aug 2003. Pg 37.
Sally O’Reilly Inter-mission’ Bow Church, the Nunnery. Time Out. Sept 2003.

2002 Martin Coomer Diversion: Museum of Garden History. Time Out. July 2002.
Gardener’s Worlds. Art Review. Aug 2002. Pg 22

2001 New Eastenders BBC2 Documentary. April 2001 (Featured artist.)
New Eastenders.The Guardian (G2), Observer and Evening Standard.

2000 Derren Hayes Laura White: Fordham Gallery, London.
AN June 2000. Pg 24
Derren Hayes Dying Art. The Guardian 12/4/2000
2000 In-Side: The Bonington Gallery. AN Feb 2000
Vicky Anning Two Views of Modern Art: Laura White/Andrew Cleverley
Live Art Magazine. Feb 2000

1999 Laura White: City Break Contemporary Visual Arts Publication. Aug 1999. Issue 24. Pg 81
Simon Grant Beach Experience.The Guardian Guide. Aug 28 – Sept 3 1999.
Pg 32
Laura White: City Break. Time Out . Aug 1999. Pg 49

2008 Laura White: The Stuff of Images. Castlefield Publications. Concept, editing and design Laura White and Graphic Design Studio HIT.
ISBN 978-0-9559557-1-6
Laura White: If I had a Monkey I wouldn’t need a TV. Conversation with Lisa Le Feuvre and Laura White. Published by Castlefield Gallery. Edited by Clarissa Corfe. Exhibition brochure.
Unnatural Histories. Myriam Blundell. Published by Bow Arts Trust and the Nunnery. Edited by Jeremy Clark. Exhibition catalogue.
2007 Multicomplexificationalities. Roy Exley. Published by Bow Arts Trust and the Nunnery. Edited by Jeremy Clark. Exhibition catalogue.
2006 Laura White: Seeing Through Objects .JJ Charlesworth. Published by Firstsite@the minories art gallery. Exhibition paper/ critical text.
2005 Laura White: Projects at Christ Church. Published by Christ Church, Spitalfields, London. Edited by Lisa-Raine Hunt. Exhibition paper. We Have Left the City Gates. JJ Charlesworth Published by Bow Arts Trust and the Nunnery. Edited by Jeremy Clark. Exhibition catalogue.
2003 Eloge de l’immobilite et du silence. Published by The Blue Gallery, London. Exhibition catalogue.
2000 In-Side: Laura White and RAIR Experimental. Chris McIntyre. Published by The Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham. Edited by Stella Couloutbanis. Exhibition brochure.
1999 Laura White: Everything you do counts here. Alain Ayers. Published by University of Hertfordshire. Editor Matthew Shaul. Exhibition catalogue.
ISBN I 898543 356

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